Equipment & Materials Needed For Your Mold Remediation Franchise

mold remediation franchise equipment

When investing in a mold remediation franchise, the franchise startup costs are not the only investments business owners will need to consider. With your mold remediation business, you will need equipment that helps you not only in the mold remediation process, but in the mold inspection process as well. Over the years, the mold remediation industry has advanced quickly, and the technology & equipment we’ve used has been improving right alongside it. Any successful mold remediation franchise is built upon the reputation of your company, customer satisfaction, and most importantly - industry knowledge. Having the proper equipment to help you along the way is part of that knowledge, and secures your place as a knowledgeable industry professional in your clients’ eyes.

Franchising with Mastertech Environmental gives you a great advantage when it comes to gathering equipment & materials needed to get started in the mold remediation industry. All of our franchisees receive all the information & recommendations they will need for top of the line mold inspection & remediation equipment & materials.

Equipment & Materials Required For A Successful Mold Remediation Franchise

The great thing about getting started with Mastertech Franchise Systems is that it requires very little space when getting started. Investing in the proper equipment is a great place to start when it comes to building your mold remediation franchise. This equipment is a huge asset as it allows you to perform mold inspections & remediations - the backbone of your business. There are just a few key items & materials that you will need to get started. Let’s take a deeper look at what this entails:

Service Vehicles: Your service vehicle serves as not only transportation for your team & equipment to get to jobs, but also an advertisement for your brand. Investing in a vehicle with ample space for equipment, cleaning agents & technicians, as well as a nice, clean branded paint job or vinyl wrap on the exterior, does wonders for your franchise’s image & reputation.

Moisture Meters & Thermal Imaging Cameras: In order for your franchise’s inspectors to efficiently conduct a proper mold inspection, they will need to be fully equipped with moisture meters & thermal imaging cameras. These two pieces of equipment, when used in conjunction with one another, are able to identify & isolate areas of lower temperatures within porous building materials, which is usually an indicator of moisture damage. This gives the inspector a great place to start when conducting a thorough mold inspection. Not only that, but your inspector is the first representative of your business that the client will meet, and having the proper, professional grade inspection equipment is a great first impression of the franchise itself.

Containment Materials & PPE: Providing your technicians with proper personal protective equipment & containment materials is a key part of protecting not only your employees, but your clients as well. Containment prevents cross contamination from occurring during remediation, and PPE keeps your technicians safe. It’s important not to cut corners when it comes to providing PPE & containment for your mold remediation franchise technicians to use.

HEPA-Vacuum: When it comes to the nitty gritty of mold remediation, it is important for mold remediation franchise owners to invest in high quality HEPA-vacuum units. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment that your franchise will need. HEPA-vacuums are used to efficiently remove moisture & mold growth from porous building materials. No mold remediation franchise is complete without a state of the art HEPA-vacuum.

Air Scrubber: Another key piece of equipment on-site at mold remediation jobs is the air scrubber. During mold remediation, a high quality air scrubber will be able to maintain safe indoor air quality, while mitigating airborne mold spores & preventing cross contamination.

Advantages Of Franchising With Mastertech

As previously mentioned, Mastertech provides all of our franchisees the resources, recommendations & information they need to make an educated decision about what equipment they will need. Mastertech Franchise Systems was designed with our franchisees in mind, and providing them with equipment recommendations, training, and ongoing support is just part of the process. We’ve spent years developing the best operations systems, going through the trial & error of marketing systems, and researching the latest mold remediation equipment & materials so that you don’t have to.

Interested in learning more about franchising with Mastertech Environmental? Contact us today to speak to a member of our team.