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Our cleaning and restoration services give you access to multiple revenue streams in recession-proof, high demand, multi-billion dollar industries. 


We've taken a different approach to franchising in the mold, bio, hoarding and water damage cleanup industries.

Work / Life Balance:

Having a healthy balance between work and life  is obviously something we all want. But being a business owner lends itself to long hours, never ending tasks and little time for the things you want to do. What if we told you that you could have normal work days (as long as you want them to be) and actually enjoy life and doing the things you love – that’d be a good thing, right? Owning a Mastertech franchise can provide you with the freedom and flexibility that you want while earning a nice living!


Benefits of the Mold, Bio, Hoarding & Water Damage Cleanup Industries

With the systems and business structure we’ve created, you can concentrate on your clients and projects. We’ve done the rest. No more guess work or trying to figure out how to generate leads. Forget about designing sales or marketing materials – we’ve already done that. Stop worrying about financials and how to organize your books – we’ve got you covered there too. Need questions answered fast? We’re here with the answers.

Recurring revenue Stream

Any one of our services could be it’s own stand-alone business. But why stop there? Multiple services = multiple, recurring revenue streams. Example: Many of clients have regular inspections for mold or indoor air quality. Our regularly scheduled preventative services keep client’s homes safe and create steady income.

Minimal inventory and Overhead

In our industries, you don’t need a giant warehouse stocked floor to ceiling with chemicals and equipment. You can operate out of your home or garage and order only the products you need – when you need them.


Walk to Work – Don’t Run

In the mainly private-pay world of mold, bio and hoarding cleanup, we schedule the majority of our estimates, inspections and remediation during normal business hours. With water damage or emergency bio cleanup services, you may encounter times when immediate response anytime of day (or night) is necessary. The great thing is, it’s your choice. YOU decide if or when you handle emergency service.


Affordable start-up costs

MasterTech’s franchise packages offer flexible choices AND affordable initial fees. Our fees vary from package to package, but are all a great value. Click here for franchise package pricing. We developed the packages to give you great income potential at an affordable cost.


Services Always In Demand

There’s no shortage of homes with mold. Actually, with the invention of the internet, more and more people are searching for solutions to mold problems than ever before. Bio (crime, death, blood, sewage) and Hoarding cleanup is becoming more normal than not. Depression and violent human behavior have created a growing need for companies that provide sensitive, difficult cleanups. Water damage alone is a multi-billion dollar per year industry – and growing.



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