Make A Positive Impact On The Mold Remediation Industry With Mastertech

make a positive impact on the mold remediation industry with mastertech

The mold remediation industry is growing exponentially every day, with more and more people seeking out mold services on a regular basis. With this growth, it is important that the industry itself continues to improve and evolve. Here at Mastertech Franchise Systems, we are constantly striving to make a positive impact on the mold remediation industry. Our franchisees & their team members go above and beyond to ensure top quality services & great customer service. Additionally, franchising with Mastertech is flexible, unique & accessible to everyone from industry newcomers to established business owners looking for a boost.

Setting Industry Standards

Mastertech Franchise Systems believes in not only meeting & exceeding industry standards, we strive to SET the standard. It’s important to us that we as a company continue to grow, evolve & improve to meet the needs of our clients. As the industry continues to grow & improve, so does Mastertech. New techniques, new equipment, and anything that helps to further the advancement of the mold remediation industry - Mastertech is on it. This gives our franchisees a huge advantage because they are given access to the latest & greatest mold remediation technology the industry has to offer.

Providing Top Quality Mold Remediation Services

Our franchisees take great pride in the work that we provide. We understand that dealing with mold damage in properties can cause a great deal of stress to our clients. It is important to us at Mastertech that our franchisees & their teams go above & beyond for our clients, providing the highest quality mold remediation services possible. With access to state of the art equipment & cleaning agents, as well as Mastertech’s diligent, hands-on training program, each and every franchise is prepared to tackle any mold situation, big or small. The top quality work that our franchisees provide allows clients to continue living comfortably in their homes.

Upholding Values - Committed To Great Customer Service

It is important to us here at Mastertech Franchise Systems to ensure that our clients have a positive experience. We understand the stress that clients are under when dealing with mold remediation, water damage cleanup, biohazard remediation or hoarding cleanup. The nature of these services requires a level of sensitivity that often gets overlooked. Our franchisees understand how vital this is to running a successful remediation business. After all, the clients are who keep our businesses afloat. Aside from providing excellent quality services, a satisfied customer is our most valued aspect of business. Our franchisees strive to approach each job with empathy, respect & professionalism. Upholding these values under any circumstance is just part of the job.

Franchise Flexibility & Affordability

Mastertech Franchise Systems wanted to travel beyond the “franchise” in the traditional sense. We wanted to expand upon the traditional franchise concept of requiring 100% commitment to a specific brand and system, and brand. In order for Mastertech Franchise Systems to be as franchisee-centric as possible, our industry experts have developed a tier-system of unique, flexible franchise packages that are designed to work for YOU. Regardless of what you’re in the market for - starting your own fully committed franchise, rebranding and expanding your existing business, or a revamped marketing operations system, we are here to assist. Let’s take a brief look at the franchise memberships that Mastertech has to offer.

The Standard Package: This package is most ideal for established entrepreneurs or business owners who are looking to give their mold remediation, water damage restoration, or biohazard cleanup company a boost. With access to Mastertech’s proven marketing systems & operations, as well as the option to keep your existing brand name, this package allows for a lot of freedom.

The Pro Package: This is the best of both worlds for existing business owners who are looking to expand their existing brand into something more effective & lucrative, or simply looking to revamp their existing business. Like the standard package, members have the option of keeping your existing brand name or branding with Mastertech.

The Franchise: This is our take on the traditional franchise membership, and is geared toward business savvy people who are looking to get their foot in the door in a high-demand service based industry. Unlike the previous two packages, the Franchise Package requires franchisees to use the Mastertech brand. Our turn-key, proven operations, training & marketing allow business owners to get started in the remediation industry with ease, turning profits rapidly & efficiently.

Our Positive Impact On The Mold Remediation Industry

When you invest in a franchise with Mastertech, you are joining a family of like minded business people who want to make a difference in the mold remediation industry. Each and every Mastertech franchisee genuinely cares about providing top quality services, upholding values, and treating clients with the utmost respect. If this sounds like something you are interested in, call Mastertech Franchise Systems today for more information!