Exploring The Versatility Of Franchising With Mastertech

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Over the last decade or so, there has been a steadily growing demand for mold & biohazard remediation services. This is due to a heightened awareness of the potential dangers that mold & biohazards can pose. When it comes to mold remediation, hoarding cleanup & junk removal, and biohazard cleanup, there is a huge, growing market for good quality companies that specialize in these services. Additionally, it is a recession resistant industry. This means that these services will not become obsolete - at least not for a very long time. By investing in a mold & bio remediation franchise, franchisees are choosing to join the effort to provide our clients with the highest quality services in the industry. More & more business owners are choosing to enter the mold & biohazard remediation industry due to the vast potential for growth, as well as the versatility in the services that can be provided.

Profitable Mold & Bio Remediation Services

Here at Mastertech Franchise Systems, our franchisees are trained to provide a variety of highly profitable, recession-proof services. These services are rapidly growing, and they are in high demand across the nation. Each Mastertech franchisee receives thorough training, having access to ongoing support by our Home Office Team, ensuring that each franchisee is fully prepared to provide the highest quality services possible. The best part is, each service that Mastertech Environmental provides is profitable enough to be a stand-alone operation. However, our industry specialists have taken the time to expertly combine them in order to provide the best customer service possible, all while giving franchisees the opportunity to reach the highest earning potential. Let’s take a look at some of the services that Mastertech Environmental franchisees provide.

  • Mold Inspections & Testing: Providing mold inspections can help our clients get the answers they need when faced with a potential mold issue within their property. The growing awareness of potential health & safety risks of indoor mold growth is causing property owners to become more vigilant when it comes to potential signs of mold damage. Property owners across the nation who suspect potential fungal growth need someone to call for mold inspection & mold testing services. Mastertech Franchise mold inspectors are thoroughly trained & certified to determine whether or not a mold issue is present, the severity of the damage, and the source of the moisture sustaining fungal growth. Additionally, inspectors can prescribe a safe, efficient plan for mold remediation & future prevention tactics.

  • Mold Remediation: Unaddressed or inefficiently addressed mold growth can lead to severe property damage, diminished property value and structural integrity, as well as potential health & safety risks. Property owners dealing with mold issues are in need of safe & effective mold remediation services. Mold remediation services have been Mastertech’s most sought after service to date, and all of our franchisees’ technicians are diligently trained to complete the safest, most effective mold remediation services possible. Franchisees & their teams are provided with classroom training as well as hands on training to prepare them to provide clients with the highest quality mold remediation services possible.

  • Biohazard Remediation: Some of our more sensitive remediation services, including death cleanup, blood cleanup & trauma scene cleanup, are much needed services throughout the nation. Sensitive contamination & biohazards such as blood & bodily fluids require professional remediation & removal to ensure a safe & effective cleanup. It is extremely unsafe & hazardous for someone to attempt a biohazard remediation on their own, which is why a company like Mastertech providing this service is so important.

  • Hoarding Cleanup: Hoarding & packrat tendencies affect more people than you may think. Mastertech’s compassionate, discreet hoarding cleanup services allow these people to have a sense of relief knowing that things are being handled properly. Hoarding creates a very dangerous, unsanitary environment that often requires professional removal & cleanup due to the difficulty & treacherous nature of the service. Many hoarding situations often include potential safety risks, health concerns & biohazards. Our franchisees are thoroughly trained to provide hoarding cleanup services, including contents removal, sanitization & disinfection, and deodorization.

Mastertech’s top rated services are the driving force behind the success, profitability & growth of our franchisees. We take pride in providing our franchisees with such a versatile, lucrative opportunity, and we take even greater pride in providing our clients with a great variety of necessary services. If you are interested in joining the Mastertech family, call today to speak with a representative for more information!