How Happy Clients Can Boost Your Mold Remediation Franchise

happy clients mold remediation franchise

When it comes to investing in a mold remediation franchise or other service based industries, client satisfaction is non-negotiable. Our clients are the backbone of our businesses. Happy clients are the most important factor when it comes to business growth. With the growth & expansion of the internet, word of mouth spreads rapidly. Knowing this, ensuring that your clients are satisfied with the services your business provides seems like a no-brainer. A happy client and an unhappy client hold the same amount of power, the outcome of this is all about their experience with your business.

The Power Of Word Of Mouth Marketing

As previously mentioned, a happy client and an unhappy client hold the same power. They will both want to share their experience with others. Whether it is in a passing conversation, or in an online review, you want to ensure that your clients’ experience with your mold remediation franchise is a good one. Word of mouth is one of the strongest marketing strategies out there, and people talk. A group of satisfied clients can generate more leads, help you to build a strong, positive business reputation, and consistently grow your business. Conversely, unhappy clients can lead to negative online reviews, diminished brand reputation and declining business leads. This is why it is so imperative to business growth that your company is providing top quality services, creating happy clients.

Many consumers trust the suggestions of friends & family over any other source of advertisement. This is why word of mouth marketing is so powerful, and why it is important that your clients have consistent positive experiences. The great part about word of mouth marketing is that it doesn’t just stop with one person. It creates a domino effect of people sharing experiences & spreading the word about your business’ great services far beyond just one client.

Clients Can Make Or Break A Business

When it comes to franchisees the mold & biohazard remediation industry, as with any other service based industry, it is our objective to sell jobs. However, the value of each job doesn’t end with the dollar amount of the transaction. The potential value of any client far exceeds the dollar amount of just one job. When you gain a happy client who had a good experience with your company, the leads that this can generate via word of mouth can lead to great business growth. New leads, client referrals and repeat business are all great avenues to generate business growth. Let’s take a deeper dive into the effects a happy client can have on your mold remediation business.

  • Improve Your Business’ Reputation: Clients often talk about their experiences dealing with businesses, especially if that experience was exceptionally good or unusually bad. Providing excellent services & customer services increases the likelihood of clients saying great things about your company & the services you provide. This strengthens your business’ reputation, increasing the reputability of your brand and increasing the trust of your future potential clients.

  • Generating Repeat Clients: Mold & bioremediation companies see a lot less repeat business than other service based industries. This is because clients generally will not be needing a mold remediation every 6 to 8 months, like an HVAC tuneup or carpet cleaning service. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t take the time to get the job done right & provide the highest quality services possible to build trust with that client. In the event that a client or someone they know needs your business’ services again in the future, they know who to call. The quality of your business’ work will leave a lasting impression.

  • Boost Company Morale: The validation of knowing that you’ve provided a quality service & created a bond with a happy client is unlike anything else for mold remediation companies. Positive feedback from happy clients encourages team members to keep up the good work, and can be a great source of motivation. It feels good to know that your company is providing a valuable service. Additionally, when your team members see that you are emphasizing the importance of customer service - respect, compassion & professionalism - they will feel more connected to these values that your company is founded on. This creates a positive work environment for everyone involved.

The key to creating happy clients comes down to their experience with your company. It’s as simple as getting the job done right, exceeding expectations, and providing excellent customer service. Going above and beyond for our clients is just part of a day’s work here at Mastertech Franchise Systems. For business owners who are looking to improve these aspects of their business, build relationships with happy clients, and generate more word of mouth marketing, Mastertech could be right for you. Call today!