Managing Franchise Growth Following A Global Health Crisis

Mastertech Franchise Systems and our franchisee family have thrived amid the continuing pandemic, all while taking the required precautionary measures. During the COVID-19 scare this past year, we were even able to welcome multiple new franchisees to the Mastertech family. We are appreciative of all of our franchisees and so proud of how they have persevered in the face of adversity. As established and emerging company owners, we never imagined that we would have to deal with a pandemic of historic proportions.

Adjusting Business Practices To Stay Current

Mold remediation is a service-based sector, and demand for this service does not just stop when there is a problem. Throughout the COVID-19 issue, all of our franchisees have adjusted to the new normal, taking all required steps to keep both our clients and workers safe and healthy. It was critical to adapt business procedures to include these safeguards in order to keep the firm functioning and everyone safe. Furthermore, it became increasingly obvious that many individuals did not feel secure working through the epidemic, particularly in early 2020. Many franchise owners have had to make this modification to ensure that all staff were adequately cared for and to their particular comfort levels. Our franchisees are quite lucky in that we have not only maintained our operations going, but we have also opened a few new franchises for the year 2020. This is proof that it is possible to endure in the face of adversity and achieve success. Service-based sectors, as previously said, are among the "fortunate ones." Let’s take a closer look at some of the difficulties mold remediation franchise owners have dealt throughout the pandemic.

Minimal Opportunities

There has been a scarcity of business possibilities due to a variety of causes during the epidemic. The mold remediation sector has had a poor season due to a lack of business traffic in general and the number of employees who have been unable to work as a result of the epidemic. Mold, on the other hand, doesn't seem to mind if there's a global pandemic. Mold is an opportunistic creature, as we've described several times. This means that mold can grow at any time and in any location if the conditions are appropriate. There is no lack of demand for mold remediation services; rather, there is a temporary spike of restricted options.

Material Costs Have Increased

Several of our franchisees, along with the Mastertech South Jersey headquarters, have observed a significant increase in the cost of supplies, particularly personal protective equipment (PPE). This is an extremely crucial factor to consider since you will need to alter your budget accordingly. Not only that, but PPE has become increasingly difficult for company owners to get, since the need for PPE such as masks and gloves has increased substantially in daily life.

Changing Business Practices to Protect Employees and Customers

It's critical for franchisees to be able to adjust their business operations to match the current condition of affairs. Enforcing safety protocols and new processes helps business owners to carry on as normal while taking a fresh, safer approach. Many personnel in the mold remediation business have been wearing masks and following safe, clean practices to avoid mold exposure in the field. It has a lot of overlap with the safety measures that have been in place during the epidemic.

Increased Hygiene & Well-Being Awareness

People have been spending far more time in their houses than normal because of the COVID-19 epidemic. It has also brought attention to the need for hygiene and cleanliness, which is more important than ever. People are hyper-aware of things that aren't up to par in their homes (as well as outside of the house). People are considerably more conscious of the hygiene and well-being of their houses as a result of this heightened knowledge, and they notice when anything is wrong much sooner, notably mold damage and other structural concerns. As a result of the increased awareness, more consumers will contact local mold remediation providers, resulting in additional business for these businesses.

Managing Franchise Growth During The Pandemic - It’s Possible!

With all of the bad news in the world today, it's reassuring to know that companies have a chance to not just recover, but also to expand and prosper. While there are certain things to be aware of and adjustments to adapt to, franchise owners still have the potential to expand their mold treatment business.

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