Expand Your Existing Business With A Mold Remediation Franchise

expand existing business with mold remediation

Over the years, we’ve heard of many entrepreneurs & business owners in the cleaning or restoration service industry looking to expand their businesses into new operations. When looking to do so, the traditional vertical (including more services to decrease the customers’ reliability on outside parties) and horizontal (providing higher volumes of the same service) expansion strategies immediately come to mind. In recent years, a new and improved third expansion strategy has emerged - synergistic expansion. Synergistic expansion allows business owners to essentially add another business or brand into their existing company. In doing so, business owners can expand the reach of both businesses to even more clients while providing a unique combination of services. More and more business owners in the contracting industry are opting to incorporate a new brand or franchise into their established business. Synergistic Expansion: Adding an additional business or franchise to run alongside your existing business that supports growth with services parallel to your established services.

Why Add A Mold Remediation Franchise To An Existing Business?

If you as a business owner are already running a successful cleaning or restoration company, and you are looking into expanding your business’ reach, adding a mold remediation franchise such as Mastertech Environmental could be the right choice for you. Starting a mold & biohazard remediation operation on your own can be time consuming, labor intensive and most of all, expensive. Franchising with an established name in the mold & bio remediation industry will save you time, money & stress, as well as generating several new streams of income into your existing business.

The Benefits of Adding A Mold Remediation Franchise?

Let’s take a closer look at the many advantages that come along with adding a mold & biohazard remediation franchise into your existing business. Low Risk, High Profit: As an existing business owner, you get all the benefits of adding another profit center by offering mold & biohazard remediation services. Rather than starting from the ground up, adding a mold remediation franchise is far less risk, including time, money & effort. Adding a franchise saves busy entrepreneurs significantly more time & effort than if you were to start an additional mold remediation company from scratch. Powerful, Established Brand: An established, reputable franchisor like Mastertech Franchise Systems will have spent years building a strong, trusted mold remediation brand that is well known & dependable. It gives business owners a head start on marketing with a brand whose name is already out there. Additionally, an established brand holds more weight than an up & coming brand, so potential clients know that they can trust it. Streamlined Operations: An established mold remediation franchisor will provide you with efficient, well-organized & effective operational systems & training to successfully incorporate your mold removal franchise into your existing business. This cuts way back on preparation time so that franchisees are able to launch new, lucrative mold & biohazard remediation services as soon as possible. Recession-Proof Services: Many cleaning & restoration services become obsolete as industries evolve. Mold & biohazard services are consistently sought after & consistently profitable, making these services a great add-on to any existing industry-adjacent company.

Mastertech’s Unique Mold & Biohazard Remediation Franchise Opportunities

If you are an established business owner or entrepreneur looking to expand your existing cleaning, restoration or otherwise contracting service based business, Mastertech Franchise Systems may be just what you’re looking for. Our experts here at Mastertech have taken years of industry experience, knowledge & expertise and packaged it into an affordable, flexible, tested & proven system that WORKS. These systems have been proven to consistently drive franchisee growth and success. Additionally, by franchising with Mastertech, you are joining a network of like minded franchisees who want to see you succeed. Mastertech’s turn-key mold and biohazard remediation system will help you get started right away, launching your new business into success while saving you time, money & stress along the way. Contact us today for more information.