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Mastertech Sales & Estimating Training System

MasterTech's Sales Training will show you proven, practical and pressure-free sales strategies for everyone from seasoned pros to the infamous "Un-Salesman."


Selling mold remediation services is much different than selling other professional services. Often times, we are dealing with human health and property damage related issues - so knowing how to handle all people and all situations is key.  

We'll show you how to use our L.E.A.D.S. Sales System to identify decision factors, prepare for your appointment, write the perfect estimate and sell through educating.

LISTEN. Learn how to listen, ask the right questions and understand exactly what your client needs - and wants to hear! Listening is one of the most misunderstood of all sales tools, and probably the most important. Learn passively guided questioning techniques that will move the conversation towards a sold job.

EDUCATE. In the mold remediation industry, we typically deal with 3 types of clients - the "know it all" the"doubter" and the "genuinely concerned." We'll show you educational and consultative techniques that will convert the doubters, appease the know it alls and comfort the genuinely concerned. 

ADAPTPeople buy from people they trust and like. You've listened and educated your client, and now you must adapt your pitch to gain trust and build credibility. We'll show you how the "Chameleon Technique" will help you become the mold professional that your client envisioned walking through their door.

DEFINE. Defining how your services will ultimately solve your client's mold problem is one of your main goals. Although explaining your scope of work is necessary, it doesn't go far enough. We'll show you how (and why it's so important) to define how your services will positively affect your client and deliver the outcome they envisioned. 

SOLVE. Identifying the cause of mold and offering a long-term solution to prevent future mold problems may just be the most important step in this whole process. This step is often missed by many companies, but if done correctly, it can be the difference between a sold job and watching your competitors come to your client's rescue.

The L.E.A.D.S. Sales System will show you how to close more jobs, boost sales and turbo-charge profits. It's that simple!



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