What Makes Mold & Bio Remediation So Exciting?

Updated: Feb 27, 2019


Owning your own business means the opportunity to build something with complete creative freedom. As a business owner, you have full control over your economic and business growth while choosing to work as much or as little as you wish. With running your own business comes the opportunity to develop a business model that is a direct reflection of your own core values and your own principles. By investing in a mold and bio remediation franchise, you have all the same business freedom and opportunities that any business owner would have, AND you have a full support system of industry experts to help train and guide you through the pitfalls and overcome challenges that also come with owning a business.

If you are considering owning a franchise, the mold & bio remediation industry might be the perfect fit for you. OR if your are looking to join the mold & bio remediation, buying a franchise might be the right pick decision for you. Either way, owning a mold and bio remediation franchise is both practical and exciting. Yeah, yeah... practical... let's get to the exciting stuff! So what makes owning a mold and bio remediation franchise so exciting?

Growing & Evolving Industry

Recently, there has been heightened national awareness of the dangers of mold and VOCs. With that, there is now a growing demand for mold and bio remediation services throughout the U.S. There is a large, renewable market for quality companies, in the mold remediation industry, who also specialize in water, hoarding and bio remediation. More importantly, it is a recession-resistant industry. Events like widespread mold contamination or bio-hazard contamination must be safely and effectively addressed by trained and certified professionals who know how to properly handle the job.

By investing in a mold removal franchise with MasterTech Environmental, Franchisees are choosing to be a part of the efforts to provide the highest quality mold and bio remediation franchise services possible to home and property owners who are in desperate need of a safe and effect cleanup solution.

Boss Life

As a franchise owner, you have the chance to carve out a brighter future with more control and balance. You will have the opportunity to build something around your expectations, desires and needs. All Mastertech franchisee also benefit from being a part of an innovative and evolving brand. We are a community of business owners with similar perspectives, goals and priorities.

  • Work-Life Balance- When you choose to own a franchise, you are choosing to build something on your own terms. You have the freedom to establish your franchise business around a culture that fits your values and meets the daily needs of you and your team. Hate being confined by a 9-to-5 schedule? Build a schedule that works for you and your team! Success isn't just rooted in working hundreds of hours a week and neglecting other aspects of your life, it is about finding the perfect balance. Spend more time with your family. Don't just go to important personal events and be on your phone making business calls or answering emails, put away the phone and be present.

  • Happiness- With balance comes better stress management and increased happiness. By investing in a franchise business that shares similar values as your own, you will find more happiness. You control your daily activity and no longer have to worry about conforming to specific business expectations that you may not necessarily identify with.

  • Passion- By choosing to own a mold and bio remediation franchise, you will be doing work that inspires passion and commitment to the process. Mold and bio remediation is a challenging industry and every job comes with its own unique background story. Additionally, as your own boss, every aspect of your business is inspired by your decisions-- every project, every marketing strategy and so much more.

  • Learning & Growth Opportunities- As your own boss, you have the unique opportunity to learn a bit of everything. With time, you will learn better time-management skills, self-discipline, being more conscientious about your needs and employees, and overall more developed problem-solving skills. You will always be learning more so you can continue to grow as a business owner.

Financial Stability

Mastertech's operations training for mold remediation franchisees covers accounting and profitability. Our industry experts set benchmarks for gross profit, labor, materials and overhead. Franchisees will be trained in profitability tracking, job costing, profit-first accounting, cash flow management, cost savings systems and more.​ With this information, owners will be able to get up, running and profitable fast following initial launch. Franchisees have access to use our proven system to establish financial stability. Franchisees will have the creative freedom to adjust and adapt our system as needed to meet specific business goals. Our industry experts will be available to work with you to adapt and develop game plans as needed to further drive financial success.

Work To Be Proud Of

Mold and bio remediation is serious work. If we do the job wrong or if it doesn't meet standards, it can mean serious implications for our clients. Our clients are putting their health, safety and property in our hands. That is why, at Mastertech, we do not believe in cutting corners. Getting the job done RIGHT is more than just a goal, it is our STANDARD. Every mold remediation technician is carefully trained to follow our carefully developed cleaning process and adhere to strict safety protocols. We take pride in our work, because we know our work matters.

As a mold and bio remediation franchise owner, you are at the forefront of each project. Your work makes a difference to the client. It is important that the job is done right every time. The most important characteristic of Mastetrech's franchisees is that each and every one is committed to quality and safety. We will never cut corners or compromise our process for any reason. We are proud to provide the best mold and bio remediation services possible to our clients.


Do you think mold & bio remediation is the right industry for you? A Mastertech Franchise might be the perfect fit for you. Learn more about Mastertech's Mold & Bio Remediation Franchising Opportunity by calling 1-800-559-5338.