What Mastertech Is Looking For In a New Franchisee

Updated: Feb 27, 2019


Finding the right franchise opportunity can be a difficult task. It is important to purchase a franchise that meets your business expectations and fits your specific criteria for a business opportunity. It is equally important to understand the company and brand as a whole to make sure that you are exactly what they are looking for in a franchisee. When it comes to franchising, the franchise opportunity needs to be the right fit for the franchisee, and the franchisee needs to be the right fit for the franchise opportunity. You might be exactly what Mastertech is looking for in a franchisee. Learn more about what Mastertech is looking for in a new Franchisee!

Drive, Dedication, Determination & Diligence

The experts at Mastertech Franchise Systems spent years building a a trusted and recognizable brand. We never settled on just getting the job done. We were determined to exceed industry standards and constantly drive for ongoing growth and expanding success. We expect that same determination and drive from every franchisee. In addition to passion for working with a trusted and recognizable brand, Franchisees need to be interested and dedicated to future operations. Part of that means, working closely with the Mastertech Home Office Team to build our team and strengthen company-wide business strategies as we grow.

At Mastertech, we want to work with people who are not simply satisfied with just getting the job done, but are looking to be leaders throughout the mold & bio remediation industry, dedicated to setting long-term, realistic goals and have the business savvy necessary to grow and adapt with changing restoration needs.

Being a successful franchisee is more than just popping your head into the building for important meetings, it means understanding what is going on in your business and being involved in daily operations, being goal-oriented, and regularly communicating with the franchise and employees your initiatives to create a seamless customer experience. To be a truly successful franchisee, customers and employees need to understand your dedication to the business and what you stand for.

Commitment To Quality & Safety

At Mastertech, we do not believe in cutting corners. Getting the job done RIGHT more than just a goal, it is our STANDARD. In order meet our standards on every job, every mold remediation technician is carefully trained to follow our carefully developed cleaning process and adhere to strict safety protocols. Quality and safety will always be Mastertech's top priority, and we look for individuals with this same commitment to providing top quality mold & bio remediation services.

Being a mold remediation franchise owner means more than just being knowledgeable. Our clients are trusting us with their home and safety. Property owners who are in need of our services are often going through a great deal of stress and need a professional who they can trust to do the job right. As a local mold remediation expert, it is your duty and responsibility to not only be responsive and knowledgeable when completing remediations and cleanups, but also building trust and easing some of the burden for home and business owners.

The experts at Mastertech pride ourselves on providing a wide range of top quality mold & bio remediation services throughout the United States. We built our brand on a committment to providing the safest, most effect and most efficient mold & bio remediation services possible. More importantly, our inspectors and technicians are trained to be open and honest through the process. We set clear expectations and take time to properly educate our clients on the cleanup process to help them thoroughly understand the situation and ease some of the stress.

Excitement for Learning & Willingness to Adapt

At Mastertech Franchise Systems, we welcome the opportunity to work with any enthusiastic and ambitious individual who has a vested interested in joining the mold & bio remediation industry. With the right combination of ambition, drive and passion, it makes no difference if you have years of industry experience or if you are just ready to launch a new career in an exciting and rewarding industry. A Mastertech Franchise can be the perfect way to expand an existing business in a similar industry, or it can be the ideal opportunity for those just beginning their journey in the industry. Our ultimate goal is to work with individuals who are excited to learn and fit with our business goals, ideals, and practices.

A great deal of Mastertech's success is rooted in our drive for constant improvement and evolution with trends and new advancements. Our industry experts are always working to find better solutions for how to perform mold & bio remediation services throughout the country. We provide ongoing training, support and tools to ensure that our franchisees have access to the best and most successful business opportunities.

At every level of our franchise system, we encourage open-mindedness and a system of ongoing communication and feedback. What makes franchising with Mastertech an unique opportunity is the close-knit relationship you can to build with the Franchise Home Office and other, existing franchisees.

You don't have to be a solo operation. As a Mastertech Franchisee, you get to be a part of a network dedicated to openly communicating ideas, experiences, struggles, successes and goals. The Mastertech Franchising System is designed to give you the tools to establish a successful business AND encourage ongoing learning, communications, and adaptation.

Additionally, we also encourage our franchisees to be dynamic and creative — thinking of ways to improve how we perform mold & bio remediation services throughout the country, so we can continue to make a mark in the industry.

If you think that you might feel at home being a Mastertech Franchisee, call us today to learn more about our franchise opportunity-- 1-800-559-5338