Upholding Values In Your Mold Remediation Franchise

the importance of upholding values in your mold remediation franchise

Our franchisees here at Mastertech Franchise Systems take pride in providing our clients with the highest quality mold remediation services in the industry. There is a reason why we get so many referrals and great reviews from happy clients. This is because we not only provide services of the utmost quality, but we also make it a point to uphold our value system when it comes to our clients. Mastertech has worked hard to create a brand that provides both expertise and quality service, as well as respect and understanding for our clients’ situations.

This is what sets Mastertech Franchise Systems apart from the other guys in the mold remediation industry. Ensuring that our clients are receiving the best possible services we can provide, as well as empathy, respect, and professionalism. Our team here at Mastertech works tirelessly to ensure that each and every member of our team is properly trained, certified and licensed. Not only are we more than qualified, we are more than happy to help. There is nothing more important to a mold remediation franchise family than a job well done, and a happy client. Mastertech Franchise Systems believes in going the extra mile to help people feel safe and comfortable in their homes once again.

Importance Of Upholding Values In Your Mold Remediation Franchise

Mastertech Franchise Systems’ carefully selected family of franchisees all have one thing in common - their passion for helping people out. Our clients are so much more than just a number to us, and this is something that we want to be clear to them throughout the entire process that we work with them. More than anything else, the client’s satisfaction is of utmost importance. This is one of the biggest things that sets us apart from others in the mold remediation industry. Some other mold remediation companies are just out to make a quick buck with mediocre remediations, often leaving clients with a bad taste in their mouth. Many of our Mastertech franchisees have reported calls from clients who’ve already had remediations done by other companies, but came to us at Mastertech to clean up what was left behind. We want to ensure that clients understand that we are normal people, just like them. A common saying that we like to utilize as one of our most important values is “treat others as you want to be treated.” Each and every Mastertech team member takes pride in treating our clients as if they are friends or family.

What Values Do Mastertech Franchisees Uphold?

As mentioned previously, the most important thing to us at Mastertech Environmental is the client’s satisfaction. Let’s take a closer look at the values that our franchisees and team members here at Mastertech Franchise Systems uphold.

Top Quality Services: As a Mastertech franchisee, it will be your responsibility to hold your team and the mold remediation services you provide to a certain standard. When joining a Mastertech franchise, you receive access to our top quality equipment and cleaning agents. Keep in mind however, the products don’t work unless you do! Mastertech Franchise Systems prides ourselves on the industry knowledge that we provide to each and every franchisee, and we want you to put that knowledge to good use.

Respect & Trust: Mastertech Franchise Systems franchisees take great pride in being open and honest with all of our clients. We never want to use scare tactics when it comes to mold. All members of the Mastertech team are trained to exhibit the utmost respect and professionalism. It is imperative that our clients know that Mastertech is a brand they can trust.

Relationships With The Community: Getting to know the people in your service area is the best way to bring in business and get the Mastertech name out there in your community. We want potential clients to know that we have their backs.

Taking Responsibility: Our Mastertech family stands behind our work. That is why each completed mold remediation is backed by a 5 year mold-free warrantee. If for any reason, mold returns to the treated areas, Mastertech will come back out and clean it again free of charge.

If there is one piece of information you take away from this, it is to never compromise your business’ values for a quick buck. A happy customer is essentially a walking, talking advertisement for your business, and it is important to never sacrifice the client’s satisfaction for anything. Upholding your values as a mold remediation company will be the number one thing that measures your success as a business, and something that you can take great pride in.

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