Unlocking The Full Potential of Franchise Offerings

The beauty of a franchise is that someone already did a bulk of the startup work for you. A franchise is a complete package of proven systems that gives new business owners a head start. Your franchisor created a system for its franchisees to follow and have made the expensive trials & errors that

can eat up your startup capital when you create a mold remediation business from scratch. Essentially, your franchisor has made all the mistakes so you don't have to. Buying a franchise can be a very smart business decision; however, it is important to remember that a franchise is what you make it.

No matter how comprehensive the franchise package may be, it is absolutely worthless if you (the franchisee) choose not to put in the leg work and take advantage of all the offerings, training and support. The franchise is only as good as its franchisee. Your franchise business is what you make it. Your franchisor already gave you all the materials to operate a successful mold remediation business. Now, use it!

Take the Franchise Training Courses

Most comprehensive franchise systems will offer franchise training courses for new franchisees with ongoing training and support for mature franchisees and their management teams. A commitment to continuous improvement is essential to the success of a franchise system. Training often includes access to a complete operations manual, headquarters training, ongoing training, reference materials and so much more. As a franchisee, you need to take advantage of all of it -- attend courses, follow the operations manual, use the training & reference materials, and take advantage of any ongoing training available to you. With a good franchise, the franchisor wants you to succeed and will give you all the training you need to succeed. BUT, they can't do it for you. It is up to the franchisee to utilize all the training tools and resources to run the business and find success.

At Mastretech Franchise Systems, our mold industry experts have compiled years of remediation and inspection experience to develop detailed training programs and resources for all on-boarding franchisees. The initial training is backed by ongoing training opportunities, ongoing support and complete access to all training references and materials. At Mastertech, we always prioritize training because we believe in our franchisee's success, and we want our franchisees to have everything they need to effectively run their business.

Follow the Franchise Systems

The most advantageous element of purchasing a franchise (instead of starting from scratch on your own), is buying the proven systems -- the operating systems, marketing systems, and sales systems that work. A franchise is an established brand, so we know the business strategies and the systems work. Systems include everything from marketing strategies, business plans, accounting processes, operating procedures, sales techniques, technical training and everything that goes into effectively running a mold removal business. Your franchisor is giving you the blueprint for success, you just have to use it. You paid for it, why not follow it? As a franchisee, you have to commit to the systems to ensure success.

The founder of Mastertech Environmental has taken the business strategies, operating procedures, marketing plans and sales tactics that consistently work to develop a proven franchise system. Every Mastertech franchisee is given full access the the systems and given all the training opportunities needed to effectively implement the systems. Of course, every franchisee will face their own unique business challenges and demands that might require some deviation from the systems. But, you have to learn the rules before you break them -- commit to the systems and work with your franchise support team to adjust the systems as need to meet any specific business needs.

Commit to the Quality of the Work

Regardless if you choose to buy a franchise or start a business on your own, the quality of the work matters -- plain and simple. Doing good work and providing a good overall experience is crucial to the success of any business (mold remediation or otherwise). Clients hire people who do good work, they hire people who they like working with, and they hire people who they can trust. The great part about buying a franchise is the collective reputation of the brand. If you buy a franchise with a trusted reputation, you already have one foot in the door. Now, you have to follow through and deliver the high quality mold services that is expected of the brand.

When it comes to mold testing and mold removal, this is absolutely zero long-term benefits of cutting corners on jobs and providing mediocre customer service. Mastertech Environmental was built on the concept of doing the job right the first time. It is important that our clients trust our work, and we expect franchisees to maintain that trust. Poorly executed mold remediation can have serious and expensive consequences. Consequences that business owners should avoid by just doing the job right. Mastertech franchisees will receive technical training and ongoing support to ensure that jobs are getting done properly.

Utilize the Franchisor Support

The franchisor and franchisee relationship is a mutually beneficial. Of course, your franchisor values your success as a franchisee. That is why good franchise systems will offer ongoing support, which is a very valuable resource. Whether you have an assigned support representative or it is direct support from your franchise home office -- use it! Franchisees should always take advantage of the support available. That is why you bought a franchise -- so you don't have to do it on your own. This isn't your franchisor's first rodeo. They've done it all before, so take advantage of their experience, listen to their feedback and let them help you grow your business.

The Mastertech Franchise System was developed with the franchisee in mind. Our experienced, mold industry experts offer ongoing support to every franchisee. While each franchise location is an autonomous business, home office support is always available. Whether is it content creation, re-training, marketing support, technical guidance -- whatever it may be, the Mastertech support team is available to help franchisees.

Take Advantage of the Network of Franchisees

Again, you bought a mold inspection franchise so you don't have to start from scratch on your own. One of the more unique features of a franchise, is the network of like-minded business people in the same industry. Better yet, with protected territories, they aren't your competition. Franchisees should take advantage of the franchisee network and take the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and advice. Your community of fellow franchisees is just as much of a resource as your franchisor for support.