Trusted By & Featured On HGTV & DIY Networks

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

After a search of all of the mold remediation companies in the Northeast U.S, the producers chose to trust Mastertech Environmental with the remediation of the properties featured on their beloved shows. There is a reason the producers at HGTV & DIY Networks trust Mastertech and have featured our mold remediation work. It is because we have established a strong brand that embodies trust & integrity. We work hard to consistently deliver on our promise to provide the safest and most effective services possible, without compromise. And, most importantly, we hold each of our mold remediation franchisees to that same commitment.

As Seen on T.V!

Family Room Mold Remediation In this episode of Rescue my Renovation, John DeSilvia, show host and professional contractor, discovered a wall at the back of the house that was completely contaminated with mold.

Bathroom Mold Remediation After improper plumbing caused several pipe bursts and subsequent flooding, this New Jersey home ended up with a major mold problem requiring extensive demolition and remediation.

Basement Mold Remediation In this episode of Rescue my Renovation, Mastertech was tasked with removing heavy mold growth in the basement of this New Jersey home after Hurricane Irene caused severe flooding.

A Trusted Brand in The Mold Remediation Industry

Mastertech has taken time to establish our brand within the mold remediation industry, and we carefully built a brand rooted in trust, integrity and quality. By choosing to become a Mastertech mold removal Franchisee, you are choosing to be a part of a commitment to provide the safest and most effective mold and bio remediation services possible for our clients without compromise. In order to continue to be a trustworthy brand in the industry, we are constantly working to maintain, if not improve, our brand and consumer perception of us as a company. In order to deliver on our brand promises every day, our team is constantly driving to evolve and adapt to exceed industry standards.