The Power of Happy Clients & Their Role in Business Growth

It seems like a no-brainer -- keep your clients happy. But, just how powerful is a happy client (or an unhappy client)? When is comes to mold remediation or other service industries, client satisfaction is a non-negotiable. Happy clients are the key to business growth, while enough unhappy clients can crush a business -- especially with the rapid information exchange rate on the internet.

Good or Bad, People Talk

... Especially on the internet.

People naturally love to share their opinion and tell stories of their experiences, especially the noteworthy ones. Very happy customers will talk about it. Very unhappy customers will also talk about it. Whether it is in a passing conversation at dinner or on the local mom group for everyone to see, people will share their experience working with your mold remediation company -- make it a good and share-worthy experience. A group of happy clients can be a great referral source that will generate more leads, build a strong reputation and consistent drive business growth. On the other hand, a collection of unhappy clients can mean terrible online reviews, diminished brand trust and declining leads.

The Power of Happy Clients & Word of Mouth Referrals

A Nielsen Study suggests that a large majority of consumers trust suggestions from friends and family more than any advertising source.

In the mold and bio remediation industry, we want to sell jobs. It seems straightforward -- selling more jobs means growth and success. However, the value of each job isn't just defined by the dollar amount of that transaction. The potential value of each client far exceeds the dollar amount of that one job. Happy clients who trust your company can be a valuable lead source for new project opportunities. Happy clients can mean repeat business and new client referrals.

A Nielsen Study suggests that a large majority of consumers trust suggestions from friends and family more than any advertising source. This means that recommendations from family and friends continue to be the most trusted form of advertising. Bottom-line, people trust their friends and family. This is why word of mouth referrals from happy clients are such a powerful and valuable marketing tool. Word of mouth doesn’t stop after just one interaction. One person will tell another, and that person will tell someone else. Then that person will continue the chain and spread the word that much further.

Happy clients can...

  • Generate Repeat Business - Unlike other services industries (like carpet cleaning), mold and bio remediation companies see a lot less repeat business. Clients won't need a mold remediation every 6-8 months, like a carpet cleaning or an HVAC service. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't still take the time to do the job right and build trust with the client. In the event the client needs your services again in the future, they will remember your professionalism, quality work and pick up the phone to call you back.

  • Strengthen Business Reputation - Again, people talk. Clients often talk about their experience when dealing with businesses, especially if it was unusually good or unusually poor. By delivering great customer service, doing the job right and exceeding client expectations, you are increasing the likelihood of clients saying great things about your company. This will strengthen your reputation and increase trust from future clients.

  • Supports a Higher Price Point - Great customer service and top quality remediation work will add value to services offered. It isn't always about who will offer the cheapest service. It is often about who will offer the highest quality service at the most realistic price. A company with a history of happy clients can seem far more appealing to hire than the company that can come up with the cheapest price. Great customer service, top-quality work and professionalism -- these are all valuable. Clients often are willing to pay a little more if they trust that the work will be done right and that they will have a good experience working with the company.

  • Improves Employee Morale - Who doesn't like knowing they did something great for someone else? Positive feedback from happy clients encourages a crew to keep doing what they're doing. Happy clients is a great motivator for a team. It makes the work worthwhile. Additionally, when your employees see that you emphasize customer service and all that goes into it -- respect for others, kindness, and going the extra mile -- they will feel more connected to the values and principles on which your company is founded. This can lead to a more pleasant environment and make employees feel good about what they do.

The key to keeping your clients happy and getting those word of mouth referrals comes down to the client's overall experience with your company -- do the job right, exceed their expectations and give them a reason to say good things about your company. For business owners looking for ways to improve these aspects of their business and generate more word of mouth referrals -- the mold remediation business consultants at Mastertech Franchise Systems can help.