Staying Motivated Following Franchise Business Launch

Updated: Feb 27, 2019


There is a great deal of excitement surrounding the months of preparation leading to the ultimate launch of a new franchise. The planning, the training and the whole onboarding process builds anticipation and momentum for the eventual grand opening. The grand opening of a mold & bio remediation franchise marks a major milestone for a new franchisee. It is important to build off that milestone and maintain that initial momentum to ensure the ongoing growth and success of the mold remediation franchise.

The launch of a new franchise is a noteworthy accomplishment and something to be proud of-- for both the franchisee and the franchisor. Ongoing growth and success rest on maintaining that excitement, inspiration and motivation. But, how do you stay driven and motivated once the "new-ness" wears off, and your business operations just become a daily routine?


It Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

Operating a mold remediation franchise (or any business) is a marathon. Franchising is about building long-term relationships with a brand. When franchisees invest in a franchising opportunity, they are in for the long haul. There will be natural stages as the business evolves. Business evolution, over time, means highs, lows, celebrations, challenges and various milestones.

Franchisees need to stay focused on the long-term goals and game-planning. It is important to keep in mind that success isn't built overnight and growth is achieved over time. There will be challenges. Some days will be more difficult to manage, some days will be more productive, and some days may even seem mundane and unmemorable. It is all part of the process. Franchisees shouldn't get discouraged during the dips; however, at the same time, franchisees should not get overly confident during the highs.

One Foot In Front Of The Other

Business planning means establishing long-term goals and setting business expectations and timelines. Looking at those goals and expectations as a whole can be overwhelming and make daily, weekly or monthly successes seem minuscule in comparison to the big picture. However, the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual successes are equally important to overall business success.

With your major business goals and timeline expectations in mind, it is best to set intermediate goals on daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis. When your mainline goal is broken down into daily and weekly tasks and priorities, it is easier to focus on what’s important. This will also help franchisees get into a pattern of organization and long-term planning that will fold into achieving the larger, long-term business goals.

Dig A Little Deeper

Franchisees should track business goals on a regular basis. As a business owner, you may not always meet your goals. If that happens, it is critical to set aside some time, evaluate what could be at the root of issue, and adjusting goals and expectations as needed. Your business is a constantly evolving system. Your goals may not be realistic or attainable if your business trajectory has shifted.

If franchisees are consistently missing set goals, there might be a larger, underlying issue. There are a lot of factors that could be obstructing goals. It is important to take the time to investigate and understand the issue, so that you can make the necessary changes to resolve the issue and move forward.

Know The Rules Before You Break Them

During the initial launch of a franchise, Franchisees should focus on the process and commit to the systems set forth by the franchise brand. This is the time to develop good habits so you can lay the necessary building blocks for a strong business foundation. When franchisees get into good daily habits, the work becomes more streamlined and efficient.

Every franchise will have unique business needs that will require deviation from set plans. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the process before you can deviate from standards. Once you have your operating procedures, marketing strategies and sales tactics down, you will be able adapt business systems as needed to meet certain business demands.

Know When To Ask For Help

The most special thing about owning a franchise is that you are never truly alone. Ask for help if you feel stuck-- reach out to your franchisor and other existing franchisees for a fresh look at a question, concern, challenge or issue. Franchisees have all the independence of business ownership AND a full network of support-- that advantage of that!

Even if you are not in need of help and support, maintaining communication with your fellow franchisees and your franchisor allows a special opportunity for the development of new ideas and business inspiration. Your franchise network is the perfect platform to exchange experiences and drive one another's growth and success.

If you are considering investing in a mold & bio remediation franchise, you need to look into a franchise system that is committed to your success. At Mastertech Franchise Systems, our support team will be available to work with you, motivate you and help guide you and your mold & bio remediation business following initial launch.