Quality Control As A Mold Remediation Franchise Owner

quality control as a mold remediation franchise owner

As a potential mold remediation franchise owner, it is important that you consider the quality control standards of the franchisor. A franchisor that sets high standards encourages all of their franchisees to provide the highest quality mold remediation services the industry has to offer. Mold remediation franchises should be prioritizing quality services over anything else, and finding a franchisor that offers training for franchisees to meet these high quality standards is a great way to kickstart your reputation as a franchise owner.

Quality is important for any business, but in the mold remediation industry it is IMPERATIVE. Our clients trust us to efficiently remediate their homes of mold and other bio-contaminates. Their property and wellbeing are in our hands, and a poorly executed remediation means much more than a dent in a business’ reputation. It means putting our clients and their properties at risk. At Mastertech Franchise Systems, we feel that providing mold remediation services of the highest quality is the foundation of everything that we stand for. That is why all Mastertech franchisees are required to back their work with a 5 year mold-free warranty. Providing great quality mold inspection and remediation services allows franchise owners to:

  • Meet and exceed industry standards/expectations

  • Maintain efficient spending/control over budgeting

  • Build an excellent reputation based on loyalty and client satisfaction

Industry Standards For Mold Remediation

There is currently no federal regulation for mold remediation standards, meaning that industry standards and legislation vary state to state. However, this does not mean that there are no standards in place. At Mastertech Franchise Systems, we strive to set the standard for the utmost quality mold remediation services the industry has to offer. We follow the strictest quality standards across all locations to ensure that all of our franchises, no matter where they are located, are providing the highest quality mold remediation services possible.

Managing Budget & Mold Remediation Franchise Costs

Over time, poorly executed mold remediation services will lead to increased costs for the owner of the franchise. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon in the contracting field, as many businesses try to cut corners to save time or money. However, in the end it is not a sustainable business strategy. In the event that a poorly executed mold remediation takes place in a clients home, it is more than likely that the client will, at the very least, expect the damage to be repaired. Worst case scenario, the client could decide to take legal action which would potentially cost the franchise owner significantly more than it would to simply do the job right the first time. Cutting corners is never the way to go, especially when it comes to mold remediation services. It is much safer, more efficient, and more cost effective in the long run to provide top quality services to each and every client.

Building Client Relationships

There is no better marketing strategy than the word of mouth advertisement that a business receives from a happy client. Homeowners have high expectations for contractors doing work on their properties, especially mold related services. They should have high expectations, and it is our responsibility as franchise owners to meet and exceed those expectations. As previously mentioned, all of Mastertech’s franchisees are required to offer a 5 year mold free warranty to our clients, ensuring that they know we stand by our work. It is important as a service-based company that our clients understand that their property is in good hands with us. This builds trust, loyalty, and can lead to referrals and repeat business in the future. Overall, Mastertech franchises ensure that our clients know that their satisfaction is our top priority.

Mastertech Franchise Systems Guarantees Quality

Mastertech’s mold remediation process employs the use of the most advanced, state of the art technology to provide our clients with the safest, most effective services possible. All franchises are thoroughly trained in providing top quality mold remediation services all while maintaining compassion, respect and professionalism while dealing with clients. Each and every Mastertech Franchisee is held to the same standard as the next. This allows us to maintain consistency throughout all locations. Franchisees will receive all the necessary training and information that they need to ensure their ability to provide top quality mold remediation services every single time.

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