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Mold remediation franchise success

Here at Mastertech, we take pride in the flexible, unique and affordable franchising packages we have to offer. It is so exciting and rewarding to see all the different tiers of Mastertech franchise packages, the Standard, the Pro, and the Franchise, working for our franchisees in a unique, personalized way. We want to take a moment to highlight a few of our franchisees who have found success with what the Mastertech Pro Package has to offer.

The Mastertech Pro Package Difference

The Pro Package franchise is best suited for existing business owners whose services are parallel to the mold remediation industry. These parallel services include water damage, home inspections, pest control, and others who are looking to add mold & emergency biohazard cleanup services to their existing operation. Established business owners who are looking to give their existing operation an extra boost by taking advantage of Mastertech’s highly efficient marketing, training and operations systems are the most likely candidates for the Pro Package. The beauty of the Mastertech Pro Package is that while you can choose to rebrand and take on the Mastertech name, it is not a requirement. Many Mastertech franchisees who take advantage of the Pro Package choose to keep their own brand name, as they’ve already built a reputation for themselves in the community using this brand name. Building on top of what they’ve already created. Let’s take a closer look at how the Pro Package has worked in favor of our franchisees.

Cramer Environmental - South Carolina

When the team at Cramer Pest Control reached out to us here at Mastertech Franchise Systems looking to partner with us, we unanimously decided together that the Pro Package would be the best path for them to take. For over 20 years, Cramer Pest Control has been serving both South Carolina and North Carolina with the highest quality pest control services in the industry. They’ve remained a reputable company in the industry for decades, so when they wanted to add mold & biohazard remediation services into their repertoire, they wanted to keep that well known name. Thus, Cramer Environmental was born. By partnering with Mastertech using the Pro Package franchising opportunity, the Cramer team was able to kickstart their new mold & biohazard remediation business and run it parallel to their established pest control business. Using Mastertech’s tested & proven successful marketing, training and operations systems, alongside their reputable Cramer brand, they’ve found great success.

DryMax Mold - Louisiana

Similarly to the Cramer team in South Carolina, the DryMax Restoration team has remained a pillar for top quality water & fire damage restoration services in Louisiana for 25+ years. So when it came to partnering with Mastertech to incorporate mold & biohazard remediation services to their portfolio, keeping the DryMax name just name sense. The Mastertech Pro Package allowed the team at DryMax to not only give their existing business a boost, but also to skyrocket their mold & biohazard remediation sector into success. When your business has an established name in the community, there is no need to rebrand entirely. The Pro Package works in perfect harmony with the success you have already made for yourself with your existing brand name, while using Mastertech’s proven, highly effective operations systems to give you that extra boost. That’s exactly how DryMax Mold came to exist.

Mastertech of San Gabriel Valley

Our team out in San Gabriel Valley, California is a testament to how truly flexible and customizable the Pro Package is. Owner Paul Cobos has a background and experience in emergency death and trauma cleanup services, and he wanted to incorporate biohazard remediation services. Using the Pro Package, Paul was able to use the Mastertech brand name along with our proven systems and operations to launch his business into success.

On top of the unique, flexible nature of the Pro Package, as well as being able to take advantage of Mastertech’s proven successful systems without the commitment of a full franchise, each Pro Package franchisee receives their own customized, search engine optimized website, whether they decide to use the Mastertech name or their existing brand name. This ensures that all Pro Package members are given the same opportunity to thrive and generate leads via SEO and digital marketing. The Mastertech Pro Package allows business owners the freedom of using their own brand, with the support of a franchise to back them up.

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