Power Boosting My Business Without Rebranding

Mold Remediation Franchisee

Restoration businesses naturally evolve with time. As with owning a business in any industry, there are will always be ebbs and flows throughout the time of your business ownership. Some ebbs will seem worse than others, and some flows will seem more exciting than others. It is the natural progression of doing business. However, if you are seeing minimal growth or desire more success, it might be time to consider a business change.

Buying a Franchise to Rebrand An Existing Business

Rebranding is a common practice for small businesses in any industry -- including the restoration, remediation, inspection and cleaning industries. Market changes, trend fluctuations and business evolution may motivate restoration business owners to do a complete rebrand to boost business and allow for more growth. Some of the most common reasons to rebrand include:

  • To shed a bad reputation

  • To update an outdated image

  • To better differentiate from the competition

  • To remain congruent with business evolution

If a complete rebrand is what you think you need, then converting to a mold remediation franchise might be exactly what you need. By purchasing a mold restoration franchise, you get a complete and turn-key system with an established and trusted brand. Traditional mold remediation franchising offers entrepreneurs and existing business owners the opportunity to either launch a new business in mold remediation or expand an existing business with new services under an established brand.

Flexible Franchising Options

Buying a Franchise Without Rebranding

For some business owners, rebranding might not the ideal route for business growth. Perhaps you just need more operational support or restructuring of your systems, but you don't want to compromise the brand that you have worked so hard to establish. Maybe you just need better marketing strategies or better sales tactics. Mastertech Franchise Systems provides Flexible Franchising Options that offers existing companies the business boost they need with the freedom to keep their existing brand.

Flexible & Affordable Franchise Packages Developed With The Franchisee In Mind

Mastertech started from a small business, and we understand (more than anyone) the hard work that went into building your business. That brand, that logo, that concept -- it's your baby. With Mastertech's Flexible Franchise Packages, you don't necessarily have to sacrifice your brand in order to get the operational, marketing and sales support you need to boost your business.

The idea behind Mastertech's Franchise Membership packages is to allow franchisees the flexibility to build a mold remediation business on their terms with support from Mastertech. At Mastertech Franchise Systems, we expanded our franchise offerings to include non-branded or branding-optional opportunities. The power of Mastertech is rooted in our proven system, training & support. We have a network of industry professionals who have the tools, knowledge and support to boost sales and ignite profits. More importantly, with access to the Mastertech Systems, mold remediation professionals can expand their market reach and provide more clients with the top quality mold inspection and remediation services the clients deserve.

Franchise Without Rebranding

Whether you are looking for proven marketing, sales and operational systems with our Standard Package, or you want the Full Franchise, turn-key package – or something in the middle, the best of both worlds with our Pro Package, we have something that will fit your needs – your brand or ours – or both. Call us today to discuss your membership options! 1-800-559-5338

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