Navigating Franchise Growth During A Pandemic

In the midst of the ongoing pandemic, Mastertech Franchise Systems and our franchisee family have continued to thrive all while taking the necessary precautions. In fact, we even welcomed a few new franchisees to the Mastertech family in this past year amidst the COVID-19 panic. We are so grateful for all of our franchisees and so proud of the way that they’ve persisted through trying times. As business owners, both established and new, an unprecedented pandemic is not something that any of us thought that we would have to be going through.

Adapting Business Practices To The Times

In a service based industry such as mold remediation, the demand for this service does not simply cease during times of trouble. All of our franchisees have adapted to the new norm throughout the COVID-19 crisis, taking all the necessary precautions to keep both our clients and employees safe and healthy. Adapting business practices that employ these precautions was imperative to keep business running, and overall, keeping everyone safe. Additionally, it became increasingly clear that, especially in early 2020, many people did not feel safe working through the pandemic. This has been an adjustment that many franchise owners have had to make, ensuring that all employees were taken care of properly and to their individual comfort level. Our franchisees are very fortunate in that we have not only kept business up and running, but we have actually launched a few new franchises throughout the duration of 2020. This is a testament to the fact that it is possible to persevere through unprecedented times and continue to be successful. As previously mentioned, service based industries are some of the “lucky ones.”

Spike In Cost Of Materials

Many of our franchisees, including the Mastertech South Jersey home office have noticed a huge spike in the cost of materials - specifically PPE. This is something that is extremely important to account for, as you will have to adjust your budget accordingly. Not only that, PPE specifically has been more difficult for business owners to get our hands on, as the need for PPE such as masks and gloves in daily life has spiked significantly.

Adjusting Business Practices - Keep Employees & Clients Safe

It has been so important for franchise owners to be able to adapt their business practices to fit in with the state of the world. Enforcing safety protocol and new procedures allows owners to continue business as usual, with a newer, safer approach. In the mold remediation industry, many employees out in the field have been wearing masks and practicing safe, clean procedures to prevent mold exposure. It happens to overlap quite a bit with the safety protocols that have been implemented throughout the pandemic.

Limited Opportunities

Due to multiple factors throughout the pandemic, there have been a limited amount of opportunities for business. Between the lack of business traffic in general and the amount of people who have been unable to work, the pandemic has led to somewhat of a slow season for the mold remediation industry. On the other hand, mold doesn’t necessarily care if there is a global pandemic. We have discussed time and time again that mold is an opportunistic organism. This means that mold will develop at any given time and place with the right conditions. There is no particular shortage of the demand for mold remediation services, simply a temporary surge of limited opportunities.

Increased Awareness Of Hygiene & Wellbeing

The spike of the COVID-19 pandemic has had people spending a lot more time in their homes than usual. It also has highlighted the importance of hygiene and cleanliness now more than ever. People are hyper-aware of things in their homes (as well as outside of the home) that aren’t up to snuff. This increased awareness of the hygiene & wellbeing of people’s homes leads to people noticing when something is amiss much sooner, especially mold damage and other structural issues. The awareness leads to more people reaching out to local mold remediation companies, and in turn, bringing in more business for these companies.

Franchise Growth During The Pandemic - It Is Possible!

With all the negative news out there in this world today, it is comforting to know that businesses still have a chance to not only recover, but also grow and thrive. While there are things to be aware of and changes to adapt to, this does not change the ability that franchise owners have to continue to grow their mold remediation business.

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