Mold Remediation Franchise Business Principles

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

A key element of a franchisor/franchisee relationship is the ability for both parties to work well together. It is as much about investing in a company that you believe in as it is about investing in a mold remediation and mold inspection company that believes in you. Before you jump into any particular mold franchise opportunity, you need to evaluate what you are looking for in a mold and bio remediation franchise.

While quantitative metrics are certainly important and need to be carefully considered (i.e.: investment costs, return value, etc.), the emotional elements are equally important. It is important to take the time to find a brand that is a reflection of who you want to be as a business owner. After all, you will be a direct representative of the brand. You should look for business principles that are compatible with your own values.


Mastertech's Mold Removal & Mold Testing Franchise:

Business Principles & Values

"Our goal isn’t, and never has been, to sell as many franchises as possible. What we’re focused on is finding the right type of people to be franchisees, the people that genuinely care about the quality of the work and only want to do the job right the first time."
-- Tom Duff, Founder & CEO, Mastertech Franchise Systems

Build a Strong Team:

At Mastertech Environmental, we value loyal, hardworking and ambitious employees who are excited to learn new skills and pride themselves in providing the highest quality mold removal services possible. We strive to provide the tools, training and support necessary to inspire personal growth and promote professional development in each employee on the Mastertech Team.

Do the Job Right: In the mold and bio remediation industry, doing mediocre or subpar work can mean serious consequences for the client’s property and well-being. At Mastertech we are dedicated to doing the job right the first time, and our strict standards ensure constant quality control and safety on every job. Being a part of the Mastertech Family means choosing to be a part of a commitment to provide the safest and most effective mold removal and mold testing franchise services possible, without compromise.

Hold Ourselves Accountable: In order to ensure the highest quality of mold and bio remediation work on every project, we have to skip the blame and complain game. At Mastertech, we stand by our work and hold ourselves accountable. If, for any reason, we ever fall short of expectations, we will work equally hard, if not harder, to make things right.

Maintain Open & Honest Communication: Whether it is among team members or with clients, open and honest communication fosters trust and confidence in Mastertech Environmental as a company and as a brand. This means maintaining transparency in all that we do. We do so by setting realistic expectations and creating a comfortable environment that inspires communication and open conversation.

Strive for More At Mastertech, we are constantly working to better our skills and techniques to further drive growth and success for every member of the Mastertech Team. That means intensive franchise training and ongoing support, implementing new and innovative marketing, listening to our customers and taking in feedback, and allowing the business to evolve. There will always be room for improvement.

If you are looking to start a mold remediation and mold inspection franchise of your own, you might want to consider joining the Mastertech Environmental Family. At Mastertech, we have worked painstakingly hard over the years to build a company on trust and integrity. We are committed to a strong set of principles that guide our success and allows us to exceed client and mold industry standards. Whether you are new to the mold removal and bio remediation industry and looking to start from scratch with a mold franchise, or if you are an existing business owner and wish add a mold franchise to an existing business, we might be the right fit for you.