Mastertech Prioritizes Franchisee Training & Support


Mold and bio remediation companies are serving very real people with very real problems that can potentially put health and property in jeopardy. Those who choose to be a franchisee in the mold removal, mold inspection and bio remediation industry are choosing to help people return to homes and properties that are safe again for them to inhabit, live and work following such damaging events. Providing top quality mold and bio remediation services is the driving force behind long term success in the industry. That is why adequate training and ongoing support is so important for new franchisees.

Mastertech Environmental focuses on providing services like mold remediation, environmental cleaning and air quality testing. We set high standards for our work, and we expect our Franchisees to meet these standards on every job for clients. Furthermore, the Mastertech Franchise System includes industry-specific marketing, sales, and operations training and ongoing support. Our system is designed in a way to prepare all new franchisees to market and operate a mold remediation business that is built on quality and integrity.

Mastertech's Franchisee Initial CORE Training

When you become a member of the Mastertech family, you get the benefits of a compete, turn-key mold & bio remediation business system. Each new Mastertech Franchisee will get everything from marketing and sales to daily operations to finance and management. The Mastertech Franchise Systems are designed for individuals with varying degrees of industry experience-- from novices to current business owners in the industry.

"We require new franchise owners, along with technicians and support staff from each company, to attend Mastertech’s Initial CORE Training at our home office in New Jersey. Our classes include intensive marketing, sales and estimating strategies, business management and budgeting, and hands-on remediation experience. Technicians get to take part in real-world mold remediations alongside Mastertech project managers and remediation technicians. If franchisees choose to bring technicians to the training, the technicians will suit up, use our products and equipment, and learn mold remediation the Mastertech way.” -- Tom Duff Co-Founder

Franchisee Mold Remediation Marketing Training

Marketing is such an important element to the success of any franchise opportunity in any industry. All too often, mold remediation business owners miss this-- whether they don't market at all or they spend too little time and money on effective marketing or they spend too much time and money on ineffective marketing, something is just not working to get the phones ringing.

Whether it's Internet, B2B Referral or Traditional marketing, Mastertech's mold & bio remediation marketing systems show you everything you'll need to develop effective campaigns and quickly out-market your competition. Our industry experts will show you step-by-step how to get a reliable stream of new leads through several, effective and affordable marketing strategies. Here at Mastertech, we’re always developing new strategies and creating fresh marketing programs to help franchisees maximize their marketing efforts and budget, and attract the right kind of Clients.

Franchisee Mold Remediation Sales Training

For some, selling is the most dreaded part of the job. Let's be honest, not everyone is a salesman (or saleswoman). However, like marketing, it has to be done.

MasterTech's Sales Training will show you proven, practical and pressure-free sales strategies for everyone from seasoned pros to the infamous "Un-Salesman." Selling mold remediation services is much different than selling other professional services. Often times, we are dealing with human health and property damage related issues - so knowing how to handle all people and all situations is key.  

Franchisees will be trained to use our L.E.A.D.S. Sales System to identify decision factors, prepare for your appointment, write the perfect estimate and sell through educating. The L.E.A.D.S. Sales System will show you how to close more jobs, boost sales and turbo-charge profits.

Franchisee Mold Remediation Operations Training

Franchisees will learn well-organized, efficient and effective operational procedures that will streamline your daily operations and save your company time, money and minimize stress. We'll cover everything that it takes to operate a productive, profitable and economical mold remediation company. Our mold & bio remediation operations training includes all the  job processes, human resources and financial files you need so you can focus more on profit and growth.

Everything from getting your initial training and certifications to getting the phones to ring to office and job process, operations is the heart of our training systems.

​Ongoing Mold & Bio Remediation Franchisee Support

As a new franchisee, you are bound to have questions or need assistance throughout your mold inspection and mold removal career, which makes reliable ongoing support important for success and growth. Mastertech's Franchise Support Team provides constant ongoing support and additional training to help your franchise grow and evolve. We will provide webinars, updated trained and more throughout your franchise ownership. At Mastertech, we are committed to your success, and our Franchise Support Team will work closely with you to provide guidance whenever necessary.