Is a Mold Remediation Franchise Right for Me?


Should I Buy a Mold Removal Franchise?

Recently, there has been heightened national awareness of the dangers of mold and VOCs. With that, there is now a growing demand for mold and bio remediation services throughout the U.S. There is a large, renewable market for quality companies, in the mold remediation industry, who also specialize in water, hoarding and bio remediation. More importantly, it is a recession-resistant industry. Events like widespread mold contamination or bio-hazard contamination must be safely and effectively addressed by trained and certified professionals who know how to properly handle the job.

By investing in a mold removal franchise with MasterTech Environmental, Franchisees are choosing to be a part of the efforts to provide the highest quality mold and bio remediation franchise services possible to home and property owners who are in desperate need of a safe and effect cleanup solution.


Is The Mold Remediation Industry Right For Me?

For those of you in search of a franchise opportunity that is just the right fit, you should considering joining a mold inspection and mold removal franchise. Mold mitigation and mold testing is a unique, niche service industry that that is minimally affected by negative economic conditions. Think mold remediation might be the right fit? Do you possess the following characteristics?

  • Customer Service Experience: While mold removal and mold inspections require expert physical labor, a bulk of your long-term success will be driven by your ability to keep customers satisfied from your initial interaction.

  • Thirst for Knowledge: In order to ensure that you are constantly providing the highest quality mold and bio remediation services on every job, you will need to attend ongoing mold franchise training to keep updated on industry best practices. Additionally, you will be required to take examinations to obtain necessary professional certifications and licenses.

  • Concern for Safety: As a mold remediation franchisee, safety should one of your top priorities. Mold removal franchises provide a service that requires specific attention to safety protocols. You must establish and enforce safety requirements to provide the safest and most effective mold mitigation service.

  • Professional & Trustworthy: You will need to convey professionalism and trustworthiness both in person and via electronic communication. Since your first contact with potential customers may via phone or email, it's important that you can offer the reassurance the client needs to trust you with their home or business from the very begining.

  • Empathy: Clients in need of mold and bio remediation services are often experiencing a great deal of stress and may feel overwhelmed. You will need to be patient and demonstrate empathy to ease the stress of the situation and further reassure their trust in you as the expert.

  • Stability: You can remain physically and emotionally stable when encountering the sights and smells of a potential job site. Mold damage, water damage, bio-hazard contamination and hoarding situations can leave a property in devastating conditions-- it's not pretty. You have to be prepared to face the physical and emotional shock of these situations without alarming the client.

  • Flexibility: As the owner of a mold franchise, you may need to work off-hours. The nature of this industry means that work may arise at any given hour of the day. It is important that you remain dependable and accessible 24/7 to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.


Why MasterTech Environmental's Mold Franchise Opportunity?

At Mastertech Environmental, we work hard to provide the safest, most effective and most efficient mold and bio remediation services to our clients. Our commitment to quality has driven us to exceed industry standards for mold remediation. Our industry experts have taken years of mold-related experience, knowledge and expertise and packaged it into an affordable, tested and proven mold franchise system that will drive franchisee growth and success. Our team is committed to working harder, going further and doing more for our franchisees. If you are looking to invest in a mold removal and mold testing franchise opportunity, Mastertech Environmental might be the perfect fit for you.