Providing Quality Mold Remediation Services

Updated: Feb 27, 2019


For those of you out there looking to join the right mold remediation franchise, be sure to consider the franchisor's quality control standards. It is important to join a mold removal franchise that sets high standards and pushes franchisees to provide the highest quality mold remediation services possible. A mold remediation franchisor should prioritize quality and train franchisees to meet these high quality standards on every mold remediation job.

Quality is crucial in any business, but it is especially important in the mold remediation industry. When a client trusts you to complete a mold remediation in their home, they are trusting you with much more than just a mold problem-- health and property are at stake. A poorly executed mold remediation can mean serious property damage and potential health implications. By providing the highest quality mold inspection and mold removal services possible, a business owner will be able to do the following:

  1. Meet industry standards & expectations

  2. Maintain client satisfaction & loyalty

  3. Control costs & maintain efficient spending


Mold Remediation Industry Standards

Depending on the state you are operating out of, mold remediation related legislation and regulations will vary. Currently, there is no federal regulation for mold remediation. However, that does not mean that the industry is without standards. Business owners should set high standards with industry expectations in mind. By providing the highest quality mold services possible and aiming to exceed industry standards, it ensures constant compliance. While some regulations vary state by state, following the strictest quality standards ensure compliance across all locations.

Client Expectations & Satisfaction

When it comes to mold related services, homeowners have high expectations, as they should. Clients expect mold inspection and mold removal professionals to deliver high quality services that safely and effectively address their mold problems and restore their home to safe, livable conditions. Quality is critical to meet client expectations and satisfying your clients. Happy clients mean return customers for other services or services at secondary properties. Additionally, happy customers will share their experience with friends and family, which will further drive your client base.

A good history of satisfied clients helps to strengthen a mold removal company's reputation and branding. A strong mold remediation brand is one of most powerful driving forces behind a successful mold testing and mold removal business.

Mold Remediation Costs & Spending

Long term, poorly executed mold remediation and mold inspection services simply means increase cost for the business owner. Unfortunately, we see it all too often when home contractors, like mold professionals, choose to cut corners. Whether it is a feeble attempt to save time or to cut material costs, it is absolutely not a sustainable strategy. Poorly executed or improperly executed mold services can lead to cross-contamination, cause additional damages and create an unsafe environment for technicians and the client. In the event that a client receives a bad or ineffective mold remediation, the remediation team will surely have to return and resolve the issue at the cost of the business owner. The cost of fixing a bad mold remediation far exceeds what little spending a business owner might have saved by cutting corners.


MasterTech Franchise System's Quality Control Training

MasterTech Environmental was developed with quality in mind. MasterTech's mold remediation process implements the most advance tools and technologies to ensure that we are able to provide the safest and most effective mold removal services possible on every job. Technicians are carefully trained to properly perform mold remediation and follow strict safety protocols.

Most importantly, every MasterTech Franchisee is held to the same high standards. MasterTech franchisees are required to provide top quality mold inspection and mold remediation services to their clients. As a franchisee, you will go through intensive initial mold franchise training which includes a detailed look at our safe and effective mold remediation process. Furthermore, MasterTech Franchise System's Home Office Team will provide on-going training and support to all existing franchisees to ensure that the franchisee is consistently meeting MasterTech standards and getting the job done right the first time.