5 Highly Profitable Service Options For Franchisees

Updated: Aug 25, 2020


In recent years, there has been a growing demand for mold & bio remediation services. A great deal of that is a product of the heightened national awareness of the dangers of mold and VOCs. There is a large, renewable market for quality companies, in the mold remediation industry, who also specialize in water, hoarding and bio remediation. More importantly, it is a recession-resistant industry. Events like widespread mold contamination or bio-hazard contamination must be safely and effectively addressed by trained and certified professionals who know how to properly handle the job.

By investing in a mold & bio remediation franchise like MasterTech Environmental, Franchisees are choosing to be a part of the efforts to provide the highest quality mold and bio remediation franchise services possible to home and property owners who are in desperate need of a safe and effect cleanup solution.


Lucrative Remediation & Cleanup Service Options

At Mastertech Franchise Systems, our franchisees are trained to provide a wide range of highly lucrative, recession-resistant services. Our services meet the needs of several, rapidly growing, high-demand markets across the United States. Each mold remediation franchisee at Mastertech receives extensive training and will have access to ongoing support to ensure each franchisee is prepared and able to provided the highest quality services possible.

Each Mastertech service is profitable enough to be a stand-alone business, but our industry experts have combined them to provide the best customer service while giving franchisees the best opportunity to reach their top earning potential.

Mold Remediation

Safe, effective & guaranteed residential & commercial mold remediation continues to be MasterTech's most significant service.

Unaddressed indoor mold growth can mean serious property damage, compromised structural integrity, diminished property value and possible health & safety risks. Those faced with a mold problem in their property are in need of safe and effective mold remediation services. Mastertech's mold removal technicians are carefully trained to complete the safest and most effective mold remediation possible. Franchisees receive classroom training as well has field training in our mold remediation process so that they are prepared to provide the best services possible to each and every client. Our top quality services is the driving force behind success, profitability and continued growth.

Mold Inspections

Mold inspections and testing provide our clients with the answers they need when facing a potential mold problem. 

With the growing awareness of the potential health and safety hazards of indoor mold growth, home and business owners are becoming more and more vigilant of potential signs of a mold problem. Home and business owners across the country who suspect possible mold growth in their property are in need of mold inspection and mold testing services. Mastertech mold inspectors are trained to determine if a mold problem exists, determine the severity of the mold problem, identify what caused the mold in the first place, prescribe a safe and effect mold removal plan, and recommend preventative tactics to avoid recurrence.

Biohazard Cleanup

Our most sensitive services: unattended deaths, crime scenes and blood are a much-needed cleanup service in the United States. 

The aftermath of a death can be shocking and emotionally overwhelming for those left behind who must find a way to clean up the scene and move on from such a stressful ordeal. Task of cleanup after a death or traumatic event often falls upon the shoulders of friends, family members, business owners, and property managers. Such sensitive contamination require professional attention to ensure a safe and effective cleanup. Beyond the safety hazards of cleaning up blood and bodily fluids without the necessary knowledge or training, these scenes can be emotionally overwhelming. At Mastertech, we are proud to help our clients through the biohazard cleanup process so they can properly grieve and move one.

Hoarding Cleanup

Hoarding affects more people than you might think. Compassionate hoarding cleanup is an important part of MasterTech's services.

Hoarding is not just drama created for television. It is a very real compulsion that affects more people than you may realize. Hoarders typically pack their homes with so much stuff that it starts to interfere with daily function and maintenance. This creates a very dangerous and unsanitary environment for the hoarder and any occupants of the space. Cleanup of a hoarder’s property often requires professional assistance due to the sheer difficulty of the task, potential safety hazards and possible health risks. Mastertech's hoarding cleanup services includes contents removal, cleaning & disinfection, and deodorization.

Water Damage Cleanup

Whether there's been a flood, a water leak or a simple pipe burst, emergency water removal and structural drying is always needed.

Mastertech's water damage cleanup service includes emergency water extraction, flood damage cleanup, sewage cleanup, structural drying and water restoration services. Mastertech technicians are trained to properly handle the cleanup of any major water event. Poorly addressed water damage can lead to a multitude of problems like compromised structural integrity, possible mold growth, electrical hazards and plumbing issues that may require costlier repairs and possibly put people at risk. Clients with properties that have been affected by water damage are in need of quality water damage cleanup services.

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