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One of the greatest benefits of purchasing a franchise versus starting a business from scratch is the extensive support you receive from your franchisor. When you buy a franchise you get to maintain all the independence of business ownership without needing to only rely on your own limited experience and knowledge. Launching a business or adding new services to an existing business requires time, training and learning. It will be some time before you get profitable on your own. By buying a franchise, you can eliminate that bumpy trial and error phase. The industry experts behind Mastertech's franchising opportunity spent years crafting a proven franchise system that works. Franchisees receive a complete business system and our experienced industry experts will guide you through every step of the way to ensure that you get up, running and profitable fast.

Franchisee Reaps Benefits Of Franchisor Support

A lot of our current franchisees were existing business owners before they invested in a Mastertech Franchise. Tom Marchione is one of them. Tom owns and operates a business specializing in property restoration. In recent years, he added services like mold inspection and mold remediation services with hopes of increased business volume. However, he soon realized that in order to really penetrate the mold market and take control of he business volume for mold inspections and mold remediations, he needed a new business strategy and more support. He was new to mold and lacked the knowledge and experience to get the most out of his new service offerings. That is when he decided that adding a franchise, that will be strictly dedicated to mold inspections and mold removal services, would be the best approach.

"Mastertech has a wonderful plan for marketing strategies, as well as the support of being able to have somebody, and not be solo, by myself out in the field just with the knowledge I have, to be able to direct different jobs & projects."

-Tom, Mastertech Fairfield County CT

Tom has only been with Mastertech for a short period of time. However, in his short time as a Mastertech Franchisee, Tom is already beginning to se​e and experience the benefits of buying a franchise. As a franchisee, he does not have to rely solely on his limited knowledge and experience. Mastertech's industry experts are readily available to provide him with the guidance and support needed to ensure his business success. With this wealth of invaluable knowledge and resources, Tom already has a running start and is on his way to being profitable. With Mastertech 's marketing strategies, Tom will be able to take control of his business volume and really get the most out of his territory.

As an added bonus, Tom was able to make some of Mastertech's training information applicable to his existing business. With the continued development of his Mastertech Franchise, Tom will be able to take his business knowledge and experience to develop is restoration business simultaneously.

mold remediation franchisor support

Mastertech's Franchise Support Team

One of the key driving forces behind a profitable business and overall successful franchising system is consistent delivery of top quality services across all franchise locations. In order to ensure that happens, it all boils down to the franchisee training and franchisor support.

At Mastertech Environmental, we pride ourselves in delivering the the safest and most effective mold remediation services possible, and our franchisees are held to those same standards. This means understanding the cleanup process, understanding your clients' specific needs, understanding safety procedures, understanding quality control and so much more. At Mastertech, we provide comprehensive initial training to franchisees to prep them for business launch and continued operation. We pair that with unlimited ongoing support to ensure ongoing franchise success. Our industry experts work closely with each franchisee to navigate operational challenges, answer technical questions, develop effective marketing strategies and provide business insight.

To learn more about The Mastertech Franchise System and our Support Team, call 1-800-559-5338.

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