What Is Included In A Mastertech Franchise Package?

As a mold remediation company first and foremost, Mastertech Franchise Systems’ number one priority is for all franchisees to provide their clients with the utmost professional, efficient mold remediation services. This means that when you join a Mastertech franchise, you as a franchisee receive all the training, knowledge, and support from us to help you achieve that goal. Mastertech wants our franchisees to not only meet industry standards, but exceed them. We take pride in our franchisees, and we want each and every one to succeed. That is why the team at Mastertech Franchise Systems has spent the better part of a decade formulating flexible, affordable, efficient franchise packages. With our unique, flexible franchise options, ensuring that our franchisees have everything they need to succeed is essential.

A Flexible, Affordable Alternative To The Traditional Mold Remediation Franchise

Traditional mold remediation franchises generally offer no flexibility, requiring 100% commitment to every detail of the system and brand name. Mastertech Franchise Systems offers three unique franchising packages, allowing you to essentially customize your franchise and how you want to run it. Our different franchising packages offer varying degrees of commitment to the brand, as well as varying cost levels. Of course, we do offer a complete franchise package that allows 100% commitment to the brand. We simply want our franchisees to have the opportunity to have the flexibility to run their mold remediation franchise on their own terms. This is what makes Mastertech unique to the mold remediation industry. Mastertech’s franchise system allows business owners to customize their business, as well as essentially choose their startup fees. Our franchising packages give you access to a proven turnkey system that sets you and your business up for success.

Mastertech Franchise Systems’ success has been proven, with years of trial and error on our part, the training, support, and knowledge you will receive as a franchisee is already taken care of. This sets franchising apart from starting a business from the ground up, as all the guesswork is essentially done for you. The unique opportunity for flexibility in this industry makes it easy to join the franchise family. Mastertech’s variety of franchise packages ensure that you aren’t breaking the bank when it comes to startup fees and royalty fees. Fees vary from package to package, all of them giving you the greatest bang for your buck.

What Is Included In Mastertech’s Franchising Packages?

Mastertech offers three tiers of franchising packages: The Standard, The Pro, and The Franchise. These uniquely designed packages allow business owners to decide what they want from their Mastertech franchising experience. Let’s take an in-depth look at what each franchising package from Mastertech Franchise Systems has to offer.

The Standard Package: This is the best option for experienced business owners who are looking to revamp their business and co-brand with Mastertech or take advantage of our proven systems in marketing, sales and operations, all while still using their own established brand name. The standard package offers training in marketing, sales, and operations, as well as access to equipment and cleaning agents from our distributors, and limited phone and email support. This package does not allow use of the full Mastertech brand, which many established business owners can use to their advantage by strengthening their own brand name.

The Pro Package: Much like the Standard Package, the Pro Package allows you to choose whether you’d like to use your own brand name or co-brand with Mastertech. The difference is that now you have the option of using the Mastertech brand name as well. The Pro Package is best suited for established business owners who are interested in growing their existing business or adding services onto what they already offer. Business people who are interested in taking advantage of Mastertech’s pro-level marketing, sales & operations systems, as well as companies in need of a complete rebrand are a good fit for the Pro Package. This package includes access to all of our systems and training, as well as proprietary discounts to our equipment and cleaning agents from our distributors.

The Franchise Package: Unlike both the Standard and Pro packages, the Franchise Package is a 100% commitment to the Mastertech brand. This type of full commitment is best for new business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to get into a profitable service based industry. The Franchise Package is great for both new business owners who are just starting up, and established business owners who are interested in adding a mold remediation sector to their existing company. This package offers franchisees with unlimited phone and email support, as well as access to equipment and top quality cleaning agents from our distributors at a proprietary discount. Use of the Mastertech brand name and logo is mandatory with this package, which new business owners can use to their advantage. Starting out with an established, trustworthy brand name is a great way to build clientele.

Mastertech Franchise Systems provides new franchisees with reliable support for any questions you may have. We are as committed to your success as you are. If you are interested in learning more about Mastertech's franchising packages, call 1-800-559-5338 today!