Flexible & Affordable Franchise Packages Available

Updated: May 30, 2019

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Mastertech Environmental's mission has always been, and will continue to be to provide the safest and most effective mold remediation services possible to each client, without compromise. That means doing the job right the first time for each client. With hopes of spreading this mission, Mastertech started officially offering franchise opportunities back in 2013. In 2017, Mastertech Franchise Systems went public.

As a franchisor, Mastertech prioritizes providing franchisees with everything they need to launch and efficiently operate a successful and profitable mold remediation business. To maintain continuity between our business mission and our franchising mission, our team of remediation industry experts worked hard to craft a franchise system that incorporates intense, initial sales, marketing and operations training that is backed by unlimited support from the Mastertech home office. Our focus is to collaborate with mold remediation franchisees that care about the clients and the care about the quality of services provided. As a Mastertech Franchisee, you receive a complete turnkey system backed by training and ongoing support to ensure project success, client satisfaction and business growth.

A Franchisee-Centric Mold Remediation Franchising Opportunity

In an effort to refocus our franchising opportunity to be EVEN MORE franchisee-centric, our experts have developed flexible franchise package offerings. At Mastertech Franchise Systems, our experts decided to expand on the traditional franchise offer that requires 100% commitment to the system and brand. Whether you're looking for marketing, sales/estimating and operations training for your existing business, or you're looking for a total re-brand, or both... we've got you covered.

mastertech franchising packages

INITIALLY, the Mastertech Franchise Offerings were strictly that-- traditional franchising with 100% commitment to the complete system and the Mastertech brand. Mastertech's Franchising opportunity was initially developed for entrepreneurs looking to launch a new business in mold remediation, OR existing business owners in a similar industry who wanted to expand and add mold remediation services with a separate brand.

NOW, our experts have expanded our franchise offerings to include non-branded or branding-optional opportunities. The power of Mastertech is rooted in our proven system, training & support. The idea behind Mastertech's Franchise Membership packages is to allow franchisees the flexibility to build a mold remediation business on their terms with support from Mastertech. With that, we have a network of industry professionals who have the tools, knowledge and support to boost sales and ignite profits. More importantly, with access to the Mastertech Systems, mold remediation professionals can expand their market reach and provide more clients with the top quality mold inspection and remediation services the clients deserve.

Mastertech Franchise Systems will continue to offer complete, traditional franchising opportunities for those interested in launching a brand new mold remediation business or adding a new business to existing offerings. However, prospective franchisees have a choice now. The Mastertech systems, training and support could be the exact boost your business needs, but maybe you are not ready to commit 100% to a new brand and let go (or segment) your existing brand. Now you don't have to! You can have the benefits of a franchise system and the option to be as committed as you want to the brand.

Flexible & Affordable Franchise Packages Developed With The Franchisee In Mind

At Mastertech Franchise Systems, our industry experts have taken our traditional franchise offering and adapted it to be more affordable, more flexible and more about the franchisee. Our franchise packages can be beneficial to everyone from industry professionals in need of a business boost, to new entrepreneurs ready to launch a new business, to everyone in between.

The Standard Package: Looking to add powerful, proven marketing sales & operations systems to your existing business? (Our Brand or Yours!)

  • Experienced business owners looking to take advantage of our marketing, sales & operations systems and features.

  • Existing companies looking to co-brand with MasterTech or use their brand with our systems..

  • Companies looking to add Mastertech's lucrative services to their existing business.

The Pro Package:

Looking for the best of both packages? Something in the middle? (Our Brand or Yours!)

  • Business owners looking to grow an existing business.

  • Individuals looking for a lucrative, service-related start-up.

  • Business owners looking to take advantage of our pro-level systems and features.

  • Companies looking for a fresh start or a complete re-brand of an existing business.

The Franchise Package:

Looking for a complete, turn-key, lucrative business package? (Our Brand Only!)

  • Entrepreneurs and investors  looking for a lucrative, in-demand, service-related investment

  • Business owners looking to take advantage of all of our systems and features.

  • New start-ups looking to add Mastertech's powerful brand, tested and proven strategies, and a lucrative lineup of services for your clients.

Whether you are looking for proven marketing, sales and operational systems with our Standard Package, or you want the Full Franchise, turn-key package – or something in the middle, the best of both worlds with our Pro Package, we have something that will fit your needs – your brand or ours – or both.

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