Expand Your Existing Business With Mastertech

As an established business person who is looking to expand your existing cleaning or restoration operation, you are probably exploring different options. Right off the bat, the traditional expansion strategies - horizontal (AKA more of the same business) and vertical (expanding into new operations, decreasing reliability on outside sources) - come to mind. However, you may be unaware that there is an up and coming third strategy for expanding your existing business. Synergistic expansion essentially means that you are adding a business or brand and incorporating it into your existing company. With synergistic expansion, business owners are able to expand their reach and provide a unique combination of services to their clients, while strengthening the services the company already provides. Many established business owners are now opting to incorporate a new brand/franchise into their existing operations. It is truly the best of both worlds.

Taking Your Business To The Next Level

Franchising in general is centered around the ability to take advantage of an established, successful business model, allowing you to replicate tested, proven marketing, sales and operations systems in order to launch your mold remediation branch into success. Established cleaning and restoration business owners already have enough industry knowledge to get started in the mold remediation industry. With synergistic expansion, you are able to take advantage of all the benefits of a franchise or brand while still staying true to your existing brand. Mastertech Franchise Systems’ unique franchise packages allow business owners from all walks of life to customize their franchising experience. Whether you are looking to expand your existing business and add mold remediation services, or you want to fully commit to the Mastertech brand, we have something for everyone.

Add Mold Remediation Services To Your Repertoire

Adding a mold remediation franchise such as Mastertech Environmental to your existing business could be the boost your business needs. Starting off in the mold and biohazard remediation industry on your own can seem intimidating, stressful, and expensive. Mastertech’s established brand and franchising system takes all the guesswork of getting your foot in the door in the mold remediation industry. Adding a mold removal franchise with a strong brand can generate new streams of service for your business, improving your business’ reputation and repertoire of services that you can offer. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of adding a mold remediation franchise to your existing business:

Independence With Support: As previously stated, synergistic expansion truly is the best of both worlds. Franchising with Mastertech means that you will have all the independence and freedom that you’re used to, now with the full support of an entire team made up of experienced industry specialists.

Powerful Branding: An established franchisor will have years of strong, trustworthy mold remediation services and reputation for you to take advantage of. With a franchise, you are backed by a strong, trustworthy, reputable brand that starting a new business from scratch just wouldn’t provide you with.

In-Demand Service: Mold remediation is a service that will never become obsolete. This means that there will always be a demand for the services that you are providing.

High Profit, Less Risk: As previously mentioned, adding another stream of income into your business is always a good thing. Adding mold remediation services into your business via franchising is much less risky and time-consuming than starting a whole additional business from scratch.

Initial & Ongoing Training: Not only do franchisees receive access to all of our proven systems and strategies, but you will also receive all the necessary training needed to effectively launch these systems, promoting further success as time goes on. This training will allow you to launch your business to the next level and sustain that success.

Community & Networking: As we mentioned earlier, you will have all the freedom and independence of being a business owner that you are used to, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone. As a Mastertech franchisee, you are joining a community of like minded individuals who all want to see each other succeed. This means sharing tips, experiences and ideas. Having a network of other owners who are in the same boat as you to learn from and bond with is fulfilling and beneficial for entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes.

Expanding Your Brand With Mastertech Franchise Systems

The experts here at Mastertech Franchise Systems have taken over a decade’s worth of knowledge, experience and expertise, packaging it into an affordable, tested & proven system with the ability to streamline franchisee growth and success. If you are a business owner looking to expand your existing business with mold & biohazard remediation services, Mastertech is for you.

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