Convert An Existing Business to a Mold Remediation Franchise

Mastertech’s mold & bio remediation franchisees come from all different backgrounds with varying degrees of industry experience. Some of our franchise owners are entrepreneurs with zero industry experience who just saw Mastertech Environmental as a great franchise opportunity. Others were existing business owners who saw how compatible Mastertech could be to their existing business, and they made the decision to either add a Franchise to their business or convert to a Mastertech franchise completely. Mastertech’s franchising system was developed to work for anyone who is committed to and focused on business success. So, if you are an existing business owner, do not dismiss franchise ownership just yet.


Benefits of Converting an Existing Business to a Mold Remediation Franchise

For existing business owners, converting your existing business can be a beneficial and lucrative strategy. Pairing your existing business with the services of a mold & bio remediation franchise could be the perfect strategy to launch your existing business to the next level.

Recession Resistant Industry

Mold & bio remediation services will always be in demand. The services that we specialize in, at Mastertech, are considered necessities for residential and commercial property owners. Mold growth, water damage, biohazards and other issues and contaminates will always be a problem for someone, somewhere. Furthermore, our industry is actually growing as awareness around mold becomes more and more prevalent.

With the heightened national awareness of the dangers of mold and VOCs, there is now a growing demand for mold and bio remediation services throughout the U.S. The more we learn about the dangers of such contaminates being present in our homes, the more we understand that mold and bio-hazards require professional attention. Mold and bio-hazards must be safely and effectively addressed by trained and certified professionals who know how to properly handle the job. The industry needs trustworthy companies that can deliver high quality results without compromising client safety and best interest.

Brand Influence

Being associated with a recognizable brand can be the key to expand your marketing reach and expand your business. Something that you might not be able to do on your own. It takes time, money, mistakes and so much more to build a strong and reputable brand. By converting your existing business to a mold remediation franchise, you get the immediate backing of a strong and recognizable brand like Mastertech Environmental.

Mastertech Environmental has spent years building a brand on trust and integrity. We have been featured on HGTV and DIY Networks. We have worked hard to develop a good reputation amongst clients and within the industry. Franchisees get the benefit of that branding. However, in the same breathe, we expect EVERY franchisee to live up to our established reputation and deliver the high quality services our clients expect and deserve. That is how we can continue to maintain a strong brand and continue to drive success.

Tested & Proven Systems

Starting your own business is risky. All those years ago when you started your existing business, you had to overcome a great deal of challenges to establish your business’s current standing. By converting your existing business to a franchise, you can supplement your business experience and industry knowledge with the business strategies of a tested and proven franchise system. This is a great opportunity to drive your business to the next level and achieve further success.

When you invest in a mold remediation franchise with Mastertech Franchise Systems, you are buying into a system tested and proven by other business owners in the franchise chain. Mastertech franchisees have full access to tested and proven training systems, business models and business strategies. This means you will have complete access to intensive training programs, strong marketing strategies, effective sales tactics and ongoing operational support to drive and maintain your success. By taking a proven system and combining it with your own experience and knowledge, you are guaranteeing ongoing growth and success.

Franchisor Support

As a business owner, you are currently responsible for every detail of your business. You are responsible for make every decision on your own— from choosing the most effective marketing strategy to implementing the most efficient CRM or scheduling procedures. There are a lot of decisions to be made, and you are not always going to make the right one. It is all part of the process of being an independent business owner.

Franchising offers business owners the best of two worlds. As a mold & bio remediation franchisee, you will have the independence & freedom of business ownership WITH the complete support of a full team made up of experienced, industry experts. This means you won't need to rely on your own expertise, alone. Franchise support could be exactly what your business needs to really gain some momentum and push your business even further.


Converting Your Existing Business to a Mastertech Environmental Franchise

If you think that franchising is the right fit for you and your existing business, you should definitely explore the Mastertech franchising opportunity. With our tested & proven franchising system, our intensive training, and our ongoing support from industry experts, you can ensure further growth and success for your business. To learn more about joining the Mastertech Environmental Family, call or email us today!