Buying A Mold Remediation Franchise After Retirement

Updated: May 6, 2019


There comes a time in everyone's life when retirement starts to become a serious conversation that is more than just, "Some day, when I retire, I will..."

The days of traditional retirement at a certain age seem to be slowly fading away. In recent years, more and more people nearing standard retirement age are opting to continue working in some facet, even if they have chosen to "retire" from their decades-long career. Whether it is driving for Uber as a supplemental incoming to a pension, or its venturing into a new investment, because why not? For others, traditional retirement might just seem unappealing, and working is just a way to stay active. No matter the reason, it seems to be increasingly unusual for retirees not to work. BUT, if traditional retirement is your ideal future, go for it! You deserve it!

Owning & Operating A Mold & Bio Remediation Franchise Instead of Traditional Retirement

For individuals nearing retirement age but do not feel quite ready to truly retire, perhaps buying a mold remediation franchise after retirement is the exact business venture you need to transition out of your decades-long career and into a new chapter. That was the case for Mastertech Franchisee, Wendell. He has been in the industry for years. He was not quite ready to retire. It seemed like the perfect time and opportunity to invest in a mold & bio remediation franchise. That is what sparked the launch of Mastertech Environmental Tidewater.

A year into his time as a franchise owner with Mastertech Environmental, we sat down with Wendell to get more insight on what made Mastertech the perfect next chapter. "I called Tom. Talked to him for about an hour. He was telling me about his systems [...], and I'm like, 'That's exactly what I need.' [...] We drove up to New Jersey, and I was sold right then and there, " Wendell shares. Having spent years in the industry and having spent time as a franchisee for a previous brand, Wendell knew what to expect from a good franchise opportunity. Mastertech's training and ongoing support surpassed any expectations and has reassured him that choosing Mastertech was exactly the new chapter he needed. Wendell gets to continue being a business owner in an industry he is familiar with, but he is not doing it all on his own. Wendell invested in a proven system rather than start from scratch, and he gets unlimited franchisor support (on his terms, as needed) without compromising the independence of business ownership.

Becoming A Mold Remediation Franchisee After Retirement

When you have spent a lifetime working hard, traditional retirement can be a shock to the system. Continuing to work and staying active might be the more appealing option for some individuals. Perhaps you are ready to leave your high-stress career, but you are not quite ready to stop working just yet. Well, you do not have to. In recent years, we are seeing a more common trend of individuals ready to leave their high-stress careers, but not choosing to go straight into traditional retirement. Rather, we are seeing more and more "retirees" who continue to work (in different facets) following their exit from the workforce.

For those who are ready for retirement, but not ready to stop working in its entirety, buying a mold remediation franchise after retirement might be the perfect endeavor.

  • Purchasing A Proven System- Buying into a proven business concept, like a mold & bio remediation franchise, could be the way to go for those that have found themselves nearing retirement age.  Starting a business from scratch is a major endeavor that might be far more overwhelming of a task than you had in mind after retirement. However, buying a franchise offers you all the excitement, challenges and rewards of owning a business, WITHOUT all the initial leg work, guess work, stress and expenses. When you buy a franchise, you buy a complete formula for how to run a successful and profitable business

  • The Independence Of Ownership- Retirees often choose to become entrepreneurs as means to take control, operate independently and pursue passions that might have seemed impractical during the earlier years. With a franchise, you get to operate on your own terms without the looming fear of being fired or laid off due to downsizing. You have the freedom to build a business as large or as small as you want. Franchisees aren't restricted to any particular work schedule, so you will have the liberty of taking time off as needed (within reason, it is still an operating business after all). Franchising can offer you the lifestyle balance that you might be looking for in your "retirement."

  • Expert Training & Support- Becoming an entrepreneur and purchasing a franchise when nearing retirement age might seem like bad timing. However, on the contrary, it is perfect timing. You have spent a lifetime working hard to get to a certain point in your life. Now, it is time to invest in yourself and building toward a better future for your family. The beauty of franchising is that you will not have to do it on your own. You maintain the independence of ownership, BUT you receive expert training and ongoing support from your franchisor to help drive your business and ensure success. Franchising eliminates all the stress and aggravation of learning the business from scratch and facing challenges on your own.

  • An Investment For The Future- Buying a mold remediation franchise after retirement is a great opportunity to build something that can transcend generations. While it is perfectly fantastic that you will be able earn more money that you will be able to enjoy in your leisure time, you will also be able to create something that can be passed down to your family. When you buy a franchise, you have a unique opportunity to set the tone for a family-oriented business from the very beginning.

  • Continue To Be Challenged- Let us be clear here. Starting a franchise business (at any age) is no walk in the park. It will require commitment, effort and time. After all, you are still building a business. Owning a mold & bio remediation franchise will be a great chance to continue to challenge yourself each day. It will get overwhelming at times; however, as the franchise business develops, you might find yourself in a position to slowly step back, let your team of managers and staff handle the business, and you can ease into full retirement.

If you nearing the age of retirement, but don't feel quite ready to stop working, a Mastertech Franchise might be right for you. To learn more about Mastertech Franchising Systems mold & bio remediation franchising opportunity, call 1-800-559-5338.