Business Expansion: Adding a Mold Removal Franchise

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

If you currently have an established business, adding a new brand with compatible products and services allows for a new profit center with less startup work and fewer risks than starting a new business from scratch.

When looking to expand an existing cleaning or restoration business, the traditional vertical (expanding into new operations to decrease reliability on outside parties) and horizontal (doing more of the same business) expansion strategies immediately come to mind. Recently there is a third option that has emerged, synergistic expansion. With synergistic expansion business owners are essentially adding a business or brand to an existing company. In doing so, entrepreneurs are able to expand their reach even further while providing a unique combination of services to clients. More and more business owners are opting to add a new brand or franchise to their established business. 

Synergistic Expansion - Strategy to leverage the existing infrastructure components you have already created to support growth that, though not directly related to the current business you have, has some synergies you can take advantage of.

Adding a Mold Remediation Franchise to an Existing Business

If you already own a successful cleaning or restoration company, and you are looking to expand your business, adding a mold remediation franchise, like Mastertech Environmental, might be the right choice for you. Trying to expand your existing business by getting into the mold, bio-hazard and hoarding industry on your own can prove to be stressful, time-consuming and EXPENSIVE. Add a mold removal franchise with a strong brand and a list of very profitable service offerings to generate several new streams of income.

Benefits of Adding a Mold Removal Franchise

There are many advantages with adding a mold and bio remediation franchise to your existing business.

  • High Profit, Minimal Risk- As an existing business owner, you get another profit center by offering new mold and bio remediation services. By adding a mold remediation franchise there is far less risk and work than what would normally be involved in starting a mold remediation business from scratch.

  • Powerful Branding- An established franchise company will have spent years building a strong, trusted mold remediation brand.

  • Streamlined Operations- A mold remediation franchise company will have established well-organized, efficient and effective operational procedures to run your mold removal franchise. By adding a mold removal franchise to your existing business, you will be able launch your new mold and bio remediation services right away.


MasterTech's Mold & Bio Remediation Franchise Opportunity

If you are a business owner looking to expand your existing business, consider investing in a mold removal and mold testing franchise with MasterTech Environmental. The experts at MasterTech Franchise Systems have taken years of experience, knowledge and expertise and packaged it into an affordable, tested and proven system that will drive franchisee growth and success. MasterTech's turn-key mold remediation franchise system will help you launch your new services right away, saving you time, money and stress.