Benefits of Joining an Emerging Mold Remediation Franchise

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

As a franchisee for a newer, smaller emerging mold inspection & testing franchise, you get to be a part of the initial growth, lay the groundwork for future franchisees and be a part of establishing close relationships with other franchisees AND the Corporate Team. Your voice will not only be heard by the franchisors, but it can influence positive changes for the future of the brand and what it represents within the mold remediation & mold inspection industry. As a franchisee for a large, established mold franchises, it is not likely that you will ever have the opportunity to contact the President or CEO directly to discuss growth opportunities, share new ideas to optimize efficiency or propose alternative mold remediation methods. In an emerging mold franchise, you will have the unique opportunity to develop a close relationship with the corporate team behind the concept and your ideas will be taken seriously.


Reasons to Join a New Mold Remediation Franchise

  1. Affordability: Finding a mold franchise with a strong, recognizable brand and great reputation that is actually affordable can be difficult - if not impossible. Look for a small, emerging mold removal franchise that prioritizes quality mold remediation services and franchisee success, rather than collecting exorbitant franchise fees. At Mastertech, we developed an affordable mold remediation franchise opportunity for that reason. We'd rather you focus on providing quality mold removal & mold testing services to your Clients and growing your business than worry about exorbitant franchise fees.

  2. Above and Beyond Support: As new players to the mold franchising game, emerging mold remediation franchises need to work hard to establish a firm standing within the mold industry. That means going above and beyond for franchisees. While we cannot speak for all emerging mold franchises, Mastertech strives to do everything possible to ensure the success of our franchisees. That is why we offer top-quality mold franchise training and ongoing support to all franchisees to drive and maintain success.

  3. Territory Availability: New franchises have the benefit of offering more territory options and larger territory options at more affordable rates. The abundant territories available also allow for a more customizable mold service area, meaning franchisees have the unique chance to carve out his or her own desired territory.

  4. A Close-Knit Community: Franchises are made up of a network of individuals with similar mindsets and share the same goals and motivations. As a franchisee to an emerging mold remediation & mold inspection franchise, you have the opportunity to be a part of cultivating an environment in which Franchisees (present & future), Employees and the Franchise Home Office can share experiences, exchange ideas and ultimately inspire the success of one another.

  5. Making a Difference: As part of a smaller franchise, you will have a bigger, more powerful voice, and you will have the opportunity to provide input and contribute to the brand's evolution. Investing early allows you to be an integral part of the growth throughout the lifetime of the franchise. You will have the opportunity to establish the ground work for future franchisees. In addition to seeing your own business grow, you get to watch the franchise’s network of similar minded entrepreneurs grow as well.

  6. Closer Relationship With Corporate: In an emerging mold removal & mold testing franchise, it is likely that the Corporate Team AND President will be a simple phone call away. Growth all around, for all parties, is a key priority-- which means growth for Franchisees, the Corporate Office-- everyone. To do so, it means creating close relationships with Franchisees. Franchisees can feel comfortable knowing that their ideas and feedback will be heard and taken seriously.


Mastertech's Mold Removal & Mold Testing Franchise

The experts at Mastertech Franchise Systems have taken years of experience, knowledge and expertise and packaged it into an affordable, tested and proven system that will drive franchisee growth and success. We promise to work harder, go further and do more for our franchisees. As a franchisee, you will get to work closely with the Mastertech Franchise System Home Office Team, share ideas and experiences with other franchisees, and ultimately contribute to mutual success. If you are looking to join a mold removal and mold testing franchise opportunity, Mastertech Environmental might be the perfect fit for you.