Franchise Communities & Connecting With Franchisees

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Franchising, in any industry, is often regarded as "Being in business for yourself, but not by yourself."

This is important to keep in mind on your adventure as a franchisee.


You did it. You went into business on your own and bought a mold & bio remediation franchise. You are excited, eager and ready to build something on your own. From prepping and training for initial launch to operating a mold remediation business, it is going to be exciting, stressful, rewarding, challenging, mundane, difficult and so much more. You will experience every emotion on the spectrum. Some days will be more fun than others, while some more difficult. Franchise ownership is a journey, but keep in mind that you do not have do go on the journey alone.

One of the greatest franchise resources is the community and network of fellow franchisees-- take advantage of it! As a franchisee, you are a member of a flourishing community of like-minded individuals with common goals and business aspirations. You might soon discover that your franchise community will be one of your greatest resources for wisdom, knowledge and experience. As a franchisee, you should try to cultivate mutually beneficial alliances and friendships with fellow franchisees-- get out there and share experiences, exchange ideas and ultimately inspire the success of one another.

Mutual Benefits Among Mold Remediation Franchisees

It can be easy for franchisees to be trapped by the notion that all other franchisees are the competition. However, with the right mold removal franchising system, that should not be the case. Competition among franchisees should not be an issue as long as the franchisor provides protected operating territories. An operating territory is defined by fixed geographic boundaries in which a franchisee is given the right to market and operate under the franchise brand. This is especially important in service industries like mold remediation. Protected franchise territories afford franchisees the opportunity to focus on developing the business without the threat of encroachment and competition from other Mastertech franchisees.

It is important to keep in mind that other franchisees are not your competition. Instead, your fellow franchisees can be your greatest support system. At the end of the day, every other franchisee is in the same position as you: a small-business owner building a reputation within their designated, protected operating territory. You can draw great strength from your franchise network and build mutually beneficial relationships within the network. You can share things like marketing strategies, vendor relationships, technology, products, business ups & downs, humorous or challenging customer service stories, failures & successes or dozens of other topics that are common to you both.

Mastertech's Network of Mold Remediation Franchisees

At Mastertech, we offer franchisees large, protected franchise service territories. This way franchisees can focus on developing the business rather than compete against fellow Mastertech Franchisees. Without the threat of encroachment, franchisees can support one another and boost each other's businesses. " [...] There is no backbiting between franchisees because your territory is safe. They make sure your territory is safe," says Patti of Mastertech of Brevard County Florida. Franchisees are encouraged to share experiences and business insight, so we can grow as a community together.

In some situations, support from fellow franchisees can go beyond sharing advice and wisdom. When a franchisee is in need of support by way of manpower or equipment, nearby franchisees can come together and help.

Example Scenario: When hurricanes hit the coastal towns, franchises located in the affected areas will quickly get hit with a high influx of clients in need of mold remediation and water restoration services. It can be difficult for a single franchisee to meet the exceptionally high demand during these events-- whether it is not enough manpower or not enough equipment. That is when nearby franchisees can be a useful resource. Nearby franchisees might have part-time or seasonal technicians that would be interested in taking on a few extra days of work during that period. Or, nearby franchisees might have equipment available to loan temporarily.

Bottom line, building relationships within your franchise network can be greatly advantages for yourself, your fellow franchisees and the franchise system as a whole.


At Mastertech, we are community oriented and encourage franchisees to find support in one another. In addition to the franchise network, the Mastertech Franchise Team works closely with each franchisee to provide unlimited ongoing support from initial training, to business launch and onward. Contact us today to learn more about becoming a Mastertech Franchisee and joining the Mastertech Family!

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