An Affordable Approach to Franchising

Launching and operating a mold remediation business does not have to very expensive. The mold, bio, hoarding and water damage cleanup industries are notorious for high margins and great profit-potential with relatively nominal overhead and start up expenses. Couple that with the right franchise opportunity, and you have one helluva investment.

Affordable Start-Up Costs, Minimal Inventory & Minimal Overhead

In the mold, biohazard, hoarding and water damage cleanup industries, business owners do not need a giant commercial warehouse stocked floor to ceiling with chemicals and equipment with a bunch of offices. The biggest initial investments will be in vehicles and equipment, but there is very little inventory and no need for a brick-and-mortar expenses. Entrepreneurs can initially operate out of a home or small office location and order products as needed. With such low start up expenses, there is tremendous growth opportunities within the industry.

At Mastertech, we have taken a different approach to franchising in the mold, bio, hoarding and water damage cleanup industries.

When you couple the profitability of the industry with Mastertech's uniquely flexible and affordable franchising options, you get the perfect formula for business growth and success. Mastertech Franchise Systems was developed with the franchisee in mind. We took the traditional franchising concept and expanded it to be far more franchisee-focused by developing flexible AND affordable franchise package options.

Flexible Franchise Packages Mean Franchisees Can Choose How Much They Spend Initially

Not only are our industries notoriously profitably with little overhead, our franchising opportunity makes buying a franchise in the industry very affordable and attainable -- without compromising the quality of the franchise opportunity. With Mastertech, you don't have to break the bank with expensive initial start up fees and high ongoing royalty fees. MasterTech’s franchise packages offer flexible choices AND affordable initial fees. Our fees vary from package to package, but are all a great value. We developed the packages to give you great income potential at an affordable cost.

Traditional Franchising VS Mastertech's Flexible Packages

Traditional franchising often requires 100% commitment to the complete system and the franchise brand. At Mastertech Franchise Systems, our experts lifted the 100% commitment requirement and expanded our franchise offerings to include different packages options with varying degrees of commitment and franchisor support and training, with optional branding available. With this, we've given entrepreneurs the power to essentially choose their startup fees as a franchisee.

The success of the Mastertech business is rooted in our proven systems, training & support. And, with our packages, franchisees receive the complete systems and can choose how much support and how much training they receive. We were motivated to deviate from franchising traditions because we wanted our franchisees to have the flexibility to build a mold remediation business on their terms. At the end of the day, we grew from small business ownership and appreciate the importance of just doing good work. We want our franchisees to focus on providing high quality services and growing their business without being bogged down and distracted by exorbitant franchise fees.

Of course, for the traditionalists looking to launching a new mold remediation business as Mastertech Environmental, we offer a complete franchise package with 100% commitment, complete with all the Mastertech branding, support and training. However, prospective franchisees have a choice.

Becoming A Mastertech Environmental Franchisee

As a franchisor, Mastertech prioritizes providing franchisees with everything they need to launch and efficiently operate a successful and profitable mold inspection and remediation business. To maintain continuity between our business mission and our franchising mission, our team of remediation industry experts worked hard to craft a franchise system that incorporates intense, initial sales, marketing and operations training that is backed by unlimited support from the Mastertech home office. Our focus is to collaborate with mold remediation franchisees that care about the clients and the care about the quality of services provided. As a Mastertech Franchisee, you receive a complete turnkey system backed by intensive initial training and ongoing support to ensure project success, client satisfaction and business growth.

Mastertech's uniquely flexible franchising opportunity is an affordable approach to franchising that is worth considering. For entrepreneurs considering entering the mold, bio, hoarding and water damage cleanup world, Mastertech might be right for you.

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