Adding Mold Removal Services To An Existing Business

Updated: Feb 27, 2019

Trying to expand your existing business by adding new services like mold remediation and bio-hazard cleanup on your own can prove to be time-consuming and expensive. Add a mold & bio remediation franchise to your existing business with a strong brand and a list of very profitable service offerings to generate several new streams of revenue. 


Adding a Mold & Bio Remediation Franchise to an Existing Business

Established business owners can benefit greatly from adding new services like mold inspection, mold remediation, hoarding cleanup and biohazard cleanup to an existing list of service offerings. Adding new services allows current business owners to generate several new streams of income. However, launching new services on your own requires a great deal of time and money. If you are an existing business owner who is considering adding new services to your current service offerings, you do not have to do it on your own. If you currently have an established business, adding a new franchise with compatible services like mold inspection, mold remediation, hoarding cleanup and biohazard cleanup allows for a new profit center with less startup work and fewer risks than starting the services from scratch.

Benefits of Adding New Services with a Mold Removal Franchise System

There are many advantages with adding a mold remediation franchise to your existing business.

High Profit, Minimal Risk- By adding new services under an additional mold remediation franchise brand, you can create a profit center with revenue from services like mold inspections, mold remediation, hoarding cleanups and biohazards cleanups. The experts who developed the mold remediation franchise opportunity already took a great deal of the risks and did a great of the work so you don't have to.

Powerful Branding- An established franchise company will have spent years building a strong, trusted mold remediation brand.

Branding is everything that shapes consumer perception of your company as a business and its standing within the mold remediation industry. By adding a trusted mold removal brand, you have the unique opportunity to draw from that reputation and build off the established trust.

Streamlined Operations- When you buy a mold remediation franchise, you get an entire turnkey system. A system that has been tested by industry experts and proven effective for rapid growth and success. New franchisees will be trained in the most effective and mold efficient operational procedures to run your mold removal franchise. By adding a mold removal franchise to your existing business, you will be able launch your new mold and bio remediation services right away.


MasterTech's Mold & Bio Remediation Franchise Opportunity

At Masterterch, we have a wide range of highly lucrative, recession-proof service offerings for franchisees to choose from. Our services meet the needs of several, rapidly growing, high-demand markets across the the nation. Whether it's private-pay mold remediation, insurance-based water damage cleanup or any of our other high-profit margin services, Mastertech has you covered. 

The experts at MasterTech Franchise Systems have taken years of experience, knowledge and expertise and packaged it into an affordable, tested and proven system that will drive franchisee growth and success. MasterTech's turn-key mold remediation franchise system will help you launch your new services right away, saving you time, money and stress.