A Standout Mold Franchise In A Sea Of Average Opportunities


There seems to be a new franchise opportunity at every corner you turn. When mold & bio remediation franchising opportunities are seemingly limitless, how do you know which restoration franchise will be the right fit for you?

Choosing to start a franchise business is a big decision. An even bigger decision is choosing the right franchise opportunity. "The right" opportunity can mean very different things to different entrepreneurs. Each individual with his or her individual business goals and expectations will find different franchise qualities to be valuable. With so many franchising opportunities available, you are bound to find the right one for you and your business goals. But first, what defines a standout franchise (for you)?

At Mastertech Franchise Systems, our industry experts have spent years building a trusted and power brand. At Mastertech, quality matters. We were founded on the principle of providing the safest and most effective mold & bio remediation services possible. We hold all franchisees to that high standard and will provide the training & support necessary to ensure that you are able to continue to meet the Mastertech standard. Our home office team provides intensive, initial training to each franchisee, followed by unlimited ongoing support to ensure that your franchise business success.

A Family & Team Oriented Franchisor Dedicated To Franchisee Success

Troy & Patti already owned a successful general contracting business that also offered restorative services. As their existing business grew, they knew the only way to really penetrate the mold & bio remediation industry was to separate the services by adding a franchise to their existing business that will strictly focus on mold, bio and water damage cleanup. They did their research, and they came close to committing to a larger, more expensive and more "corporate" franchise. However, a Mastertech Franchise ad caught Troy's eye, and he knew it would be perfect fit. So, how exactly did the Mastertech Franchising System standout from the rest?

"Mastertech gives great support [and] good ideas. You are really part of a team that is interested in your success more than just the coorporate overall success. Working as a team, I think we are all going to make this a great win."

-- Patti, Mastertech of Brevard

As Troy & Patti did their research they grew more and more aware of how important it was for them to work with a franchisor that they like, trust and share the same vision with. Even as a franchisee, they did not want to lose the family-oriented mentality and become too corporate. It was important for them to find a franchise opportunity that was designed for the franchisee and each franchiee's success, not just the franchisor's growth. In the end, Mastertech just made sense.

Mastertech's Commitment to Our Franchisees

The experts behind Mastertech Franchise System were never in it to bring in as many franchisees as possible at any cost. It has never been about selling as many franchises as possible. It has always been, and will continue to be about finding the right candidates who care about providing a quality service and are committed to operating a business on integrity. Each franchise owner's success is equally important to one another, and we are committed to working closely with our franchisees to ensure growth and success. Every Mastertech Mold Remediation Franchisee will have the benefit of the following:

Do you think a mold & bio remediation franchise with Mastertech Franchise Systems is the right business decision for you? Call 1-800-559-5338 today to learn more about our franchising opportunity.

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