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Owning a Mastertech Franchise in St. Petersburg, FL


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Thinking of starting a business that provides mold remediation, hoarding cleanup, biohazard cleanup and/or water damage restoration services? But, uncertain if these are the right industries for you? Property damage and contamination caused by mold growth, hoarding behavior, blood, bodily fluids, sewage and water damage occur every day in buildings across the nation -- leaving homeowners and business owners in constant need of mold testing, mold removal, biohazard cleanup, hoarding cleanout and water mitigation services. These are all recession-proof industries that are both profitable and necessary. Any of the services will work well as an add-on service to an existing home services business. Each service also works well as a stand-alone business. 

At Mastertech Franchise Systems, we provide our franchisees with the systems, training and support needed to establish and maintain a successful franchise in the St. Petersburg area. We offer flexible franchising packages with affordable initial fees, so our franchisees have control over how much (or how little) support they want, can focus on providing top quality services, and prioritize running their business. Call our home office today to learn more about how you can own a Mastertech Franchise in St. Petersburg FL today.

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Investing in a Mold Remediation Franchise With Mastertech Environmental

St. Petersburg’s close proximity to the Gulf Coast and Tampa Bay, coupled with the humid climate, makes the buildings in the area especially susceptible to mold and moisture issues. Mold removal and restoration are much needed services in the area. Whether it be homeowners or business owners, people in the area are always in need of top quality mold remediation services to ensure clean and safe conditions for their family and employees. By starting a mold remediation business in St. Petersburg, you could help meet the high demand for mold cleanup services by bringing members of the community the safe, effective and efficient mold cleanup services needed in the area.


Mastertech’s mold remediation franchise opportunity is a fresh take on the traditional franchising model. Our industry experts have taken years of industry knowledge to develop franchising packages with flexible franchise options at varying startup costs. This allows new franchisees a unique opportunity to choose the exact franchise business they want. Mastertech franchisees get to choose how much (or how little) training and support they want. We have packages for experienced business owners who need limited training and support to get the new mold remediation services up and running, we have franchise packages for entrepreneurs who are completely new to the home service industry and need a complete turn-key system, and we have packages for everyone in-between. Call today to learn more about each package -- 1-800-559-5338.

Mastertech’s Mold Inspection & Mold Testing Franchising Opportunity in Tampa

Looking to become a mold inspector and start a mold testing & inspection company? There are Mastertech Environmental territories available throughout Florida and along the Florida Gulf Coast. Whether it is inspecting for mold after a flood or testing indoor air quality for toxic mold -- mold is a common concern, and property owners in St. Petersburg are always in need of the expert inspection services of a trained and certified inspector. Mold inspections are an important part of the discovery process to determine if there is mold, how much of it, what caused it, and what it would take to remove it. Mold inspection, mold testing, surface sampling and air quality testing are all very lucrative services for a mold company to offer. 

To be a successful inspector you need great customer service skills, you need extensive technical knowledge, and you need to be able to educate the client and present information in a clear, concise manner. Mastertech offers a complete turn-key franchise system with the training and support franchisees need to get their business up and running fast. With our flexible franchising options, new franchisees have the freedom to choose how much or how little support they receive on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis. To learn more about our mold inspection franchise offering in St. Petersburg FL, or for more information regarding available territories -- call today 1-800-559-5338.

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Mastertech's Hoarding Cleanup Franchising Opportunities in Pensacola Florida

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Owning a Hoarding Cleanup Franchise in St. Petersburg FL with Disinfection & Deodorization Services

Managing the cleaning of a hoarder’s home is physically challenging, mentaling demanding, and poses certain health & safety risks. The specially trained cleaning professionals at Mastertech Environmental understand the challenges and work hard to bring hoarders in communities across the country the professional hoarding cleanup services needed to restore livable conditions, so hoarders can start getting their lives back on track. Our franchisees are able to help members of their local communities and genuinely make a difference. Mastertech Environmental locations across the nation also offer estate cleanouts, distressed property cleanup, animal hoarding cleanup, extreme clutter cleanout, and more. 


Mastertech’s industry experts have taken years of hoarding cleanup knowledge and experience to develop a turnkey franchise system Franchise packages include varying degrees of sales, marketing and operations systems, backed by intensive training and ongoing support. Mastertech franchisees come from all walks of life, with varying experience and business expectations -- to accommodate that, Mastertech experts have developed a unique approach to franchising. We offer flexible, customizable and affordable franchising packages, so you can choose how much or how little support you need. Whether you are an existing business owner in St. Petersburg who just needs a little help implementing a new hoarding cleanout service, or you are an entrepreneur looking to start from scratch -- we have flexible options that can be customized to meet your specific needs and expectations. For entrepreneurs interested in starting a hoarding cleanup business in St. Petersburg Florida, Mastertech’s hoarding cleanup franchise opportunity might be the right choice for you. Call 1-800-559-5338 today to learn more about our hoarding cleanup franchise opportunity and package options.

Mastertech’s Biohazard Cleanup Franchise Opportunities in St. Petersburg Florida

Biohazard remediation is an in-demand, profitable, and (more importantly) necessary service. Mastertech’s Franchise Systems can help you get started in the industry. Call today to learn more about our flexible biohazard remediation franchising options and available territories along the Florida Gulf Coast -- 1-800-559-5338. It is the unfortunate truth that unattended deaths and accidents happen all the time across the nation, and St. Petersburg is no exception. With the tragic loss of a loved one, the burden of cleanup often falls upon the shoulders of family, friends or those closest to the situation. No one should have to manage the cleanup of a loved one of their own. Not only is cleanup emotionally overwhelming, but it is physically challenging and potentially dangerous. Exposure to the blood and bodily fluids present at a death scene can make people sick and spread harmful disease, bacteria, viruses, and bloodborne pathogens. Contaminated scenes should be cleaned by trained, certified and experienced professionals. 


Biohazard remediation is a service that involves crime scene cleaning, unattended death cleanup, blood removal, trauma cleanup, body decomposition cleaning, odor elimination and disinfection. This is a specialized cleaning service that allows professionals to offer the help needed in the aftermath of death, crime or accident. The loved ones left behind are usually the one left to manage the cleaning, disinfection and deodorization -- which can be hazardous if improperly completed without the equipment, personal protection, technical knowledge and experience. Removal of hazardous materials like blood, bodily fluids, body decomposition or other dangerous biohazard  should be completed by a trained professional to minimize the spread of harmful bacteria, viruses and bloodborne pathogens. More importantly, professional cleaning will allow loved ones the time and attention to focus on coping with the tragic loss.

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Starting a Water Restoration Franchise in St. Petersburg Florida

Water damage restoration, especially on the Florida Gulf Coast, is a recession-proof industry. When disasters like hurricanes, floods and tropical storms strike areas like St Petersburg, Clearwater and Tampa -- local property owners are often left in desperate need of 

quick, thorough and emergency water restoration services like structural drying, flood water extraction and water damage cleanup. Mastertech Environmental locations across the nation provide homeowners, business owners and property managers with the professional water mitigation needed to restore clean, dry and safe conditions following a major water event. Whether clients need a CAT 3 cleanup after a sewage leak, or need flood water removal after a major hurricane -- Mastertech is a trusted source for the highest quality of restoration services. We’ve worked hard to build a strong reputation on quality services when clients need them the most. If you are looking to join the restoration industry with a water mitigation business of your own, perhaps a Mastertech Franchise is the right fit for you. 

Whether you are an existing business owner inSt Petersburg looking to expand your company by adding water restoration services, or you are an entrepreneur looking for a new business venture in the industry -- Mastertech’s flexible franchise offerings are customizable and can be tailored to your specific business expectations and business needs. We offer all the initial training and ongoing support needed to launch and operate a successful water restoration business. With our flexible options, it will be up to you how much or how little support you need. To learn more about our water mitigation franchising options in St. Petersburg, call our home office today -- 1-800-559-5338.

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A Little About St Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second largest city in the Tampa Bay area. It is the fifth most populated city in Florida and is made up of over 100 neighborhoods with a combined 271,842 residents. St. Petersburg has a humid subtropical climate and a defined rainy season from June through September. St. Petersburg, and the rest of the Tampa Bay area, is occasionally affected by tropical storms and hurricanes. There are warmer microclimates throughout the city, with a lot of the warmer areas located along the bay and in South St. Petersburg. The warmer microclimates allow royal palms, coconut palms and other tropical plants to thrive in certain areas of the city. As the Guinness World Record holder for logging the most consecutive days of sunshine, St. Petersburg is known as “The Sunshine City.” The beautiful weather and low cost of living makes the city a popular retirement destination, with some youthful populations as well. 

If you are a local entrepreneur looking to launch a remediation and restoration franchise in the area, you should consider joining the Mastertech family. Local communities need high quality, professional services when dealing with mold, water damage, biohazards and distressed properties. Mastertech’s reputation was built on providing the best services possible, and that is why homeowners, business owners and property managers choose to trust Mastertech. To learn more about available territories along the Florida Gulf Coast, call our home office team today 1-800-559-5338.