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Learn from your Home or Office with MasterTech University Training & Certification Courses 

After C.O.R.E. Training, you'll have access to training and certification courses through Mastertech University. *See Partial List Below.

Our training program, Mastertech University gives owners access to dozens of operations, marketing, sales and financial training videos and courses to train their employees at their leisure. Mastertech has developed our learning management system (LMS) that trains, certifies,  challenges and quizzes employees to ensure they learn the Mastertech way.


Mastertech University covers all aspects of running your business – from marketing, to sales to operation to financial management, we’ve got you covered.

​Marketing Course Partial List

  • Meet the Masterminds

  • The History Behind the Brand

  • Setting Marketing Goals

  • Mold vs. Water Damage Marketing

  • Introduction to Marketing

  • Marketing Systems Summary

  • Importance of a Marketing Plan

  • 4 Steps to Creating a Marketing Plan

  • Market Research Overview

  • Market Research Details

  • Marketing Strategies

  • Marketing Avenues

  • Internet Marketing

  • Referral Marketing

  • Traditional Marketing

  • Google AdWords Overview

  • Adwords Benefits

  • PPC Misconceptions

  • Maximize PPC Campaigns

  • AdWords Campaigns Examples

  • AdWords General use Guide & Tips

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Marketing to Property Managers

  • Marketing to Real Estate Agents

  • Understanding Deal Killers

  • Handing Real Estate Mold Inspections

  • Word of Mouth Marketing

  • Asking for the Referrals - without Asking

  • Getting Word of Mouth Referrals

  • Client Testimonial Videos

  • Benefits of Video Testimonials

  • Video Statistics to Consider

  • Capturing Effective Video testimonials

  • Video Testimonial Examples

  • Marketing Rep Duties Overview

  • Marketing System Overview

  • Marketing Points System

  • Creating a Marketing Plan

  • Leads to Revenue Funnel

​Profitability & Pricing Course

  • Introduction to Profitability & Pricing

  • The Formulas

  • The Profit Formula

  • Pricing the Job

  • Expenses & Overhead Factors

  • Net Profit Overview

  • Managing your Money

  • Profitability & Pricing Q&A

​Sales Course Partial List

  • Selling Mold vs. Other Services

  • Introduction to Sales

  • Is it an Inspection or Estimate?

  • Identifying Decision Makers

  • Do we Chase Every Lead?

  • Identifying Decision Factors

  • Setting Yourself Apart from Competition

  • Appointment Prep Checklist

  • Preparing Inspection Equipment

  • Power of the Proposal

  • Introduction to Mastertech Proposals

  • Proposal Package Overview

  • Proposal Package Folders

  • Things to Consider with your Proposals

  • Completing On-Site Proposals

  • On-Site Proposal Summary with Client

  • Presenting On-Site Proposal

  • Mold Remediation Agreements Overview

  • Estimate/Inspection Equipment Overview

  • Estimate/Inspection Materials to Bring

  • Why Choose Mastertech Flyer Review

  • 12 Step Remediation Process Review

  • What to Look For Flyer Review

  • Pricing Mentality Review

  • Guide to Handling Rejections

  • Follow Up Procedures & Timelines

  • Appointment Confirmation Procedures

  • L.E.A.D.S. Sales System Overview

  • L.E.A.D.S. Sales System Presentation

​Operations Course Partial List

  • Operation Training Overview

  • Introduction to Mold Inspections

  • Who Sets the Standards?

  • State by State Mold Laws

  • What Makes a Good Mold Inspector?

  • Mold Inspection Overview

  • Preparing for the Inspection

  • Inspection Tools & Equipment - Pt 1

  • Inspection Tools & Equipment - Pt 2

  • Performing the Inspection

  • The Inspection Process

  • Mold Inspection Scenarios

  • Looking for Clues Pt 1

  • Looking for Clues - Pt 2

  • Mold Sampling Overview

  • Air Sampling

  • Surface Sampling

  • Bulk Sampling

  • Chain of Custody Overview & Example

  • Interpreting Air Sample Lab Results

  • Interpreting Surface Sample Lab Results

  • Mold Sampling Q&A

  • Wrapping Up the Inspection

  • Remediation Overview & Training

  • Containment Overview & Training


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